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*Countdown Contest!!* (gets props)  loveisblind99 6 733 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Picture Contest <3  MissAngelPaws 18 2019 over a year ago
BIG CONTEST<3  swiftie54 42 6360 over a year ago
shood tyler and harry get back rp  totaldramafan4 1 460 over a year ago
Harry styles and taylor  crystal5794 2 472 over a year ago
♥ Taylor Swift Picture Contest ♥  susieeq13 70 5898 over a year ago
Do You LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT???  trixz2525 0 544 over a year ago
10 Round Photo Contest!  Bambi29 10 1407 over a year ago
Picture Contest - Closed  LifesGoodx3 238 17253 over a year ago
rate banner above  __cooler 0 539 over a year ago
Taylor Swift pictures <3  vampireacademy6 14 3641 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Awards Contest II ♥  Clara_Valentina 46 3511 over a year ago
ღ♥Taylor Swift Picture Editing Contest.ღ♥  situ123 15 3288 over a year ago
Ah,which song of taylor swift do you like the most? ;D  Velma7207183 5 572 over a year ago
Have a listen to this!  tomshirm 0 365 over a year ago
♔♛ ¢σηтєѕт ♔♛ яσυη∂ 25  sweety63 254 19834 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Picture Contest!  scalesandtails1 35 8359 over a year ago
contest:D  fasiha7 7 3225 over a year ago
*$*$*REALITY MEETS TAYLOR CONTEST*$*$* round 11  jenny_23 118 11979 over a year ago
want 2 get more props?  zurie 5 978 over a year ago
ღ♥Taylor Swift FANMADE SINGLE COVER Contest.ღ♥  situ123 5 861 over a year ago
Taylor Picture Contest♥  ImUnbroken 5 827 over a year ago
OFFICAIL RED TRACK LIST  Negu 2 744 over a year ago
Taylor Swift *Rumored* Track List  chandlerrrrrr 1 443 over a year ago
Taylor Swift contest -vampireacademy6! ;-)  vampireacademy6 66 9190 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Tickets  IanMoritz 1 596 over a year ago
Does anyone have a suggestion of a website for wedding dresses that are not WHITE  Victoriachase 1 425 over a year ago
Taylor swift huge photo 35 props•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•...(my first contest over here)  dinu12 53 6119 over a year ago
Contest with extra props,♥♥  ImUnbroken 13 1007 over a year ago
Taylor Contest! Please enter! Props awarded<13  ImUnbroken 21 1596 over a year ago
ς๏ยภt๔๏ฬภ t๏ 60 000 Ŧคภร !! ♥  sweety63 7 1025 over a year ago
Taylor Contest,<13  ImUnbroken 8 810 over a year ago
iz taylor a cheat?  zurie 2 319 over a year ago
Friends  nicoleann 0 563 over a year ago
My Fourth Taylor Contest<13  ImUnbroken 17 1132 over a year ago
Last Day To Vote!!  ImUnbroken 0 365 over a year ago
taylor swift contest <3  mellissastinson 20 1397 over a year ago
A TAYLOR SWIFT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  stormriddle2909 33 6745 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Style Icon contest ~ Round 4 - OPEN  katelovespink 56 4737 over a year ago
Taylor nominated for Do Something Awards  ImUnbroken 0 275 over a year ago
My Taylor Swift Contest Round Two!  Amzaza 7 1364 over a year ago
Taylor at iHeartRadio Music Festival!  dariclear 0 337 over a year ago
taylor swift and taylor lautner kiss!?  alicecullensBFF 7 1703 over a year ago
Taylor Swift awards contest ♥ (CLOSED)  Clara_Valentina 133 11118 over a year ago
Contest!!!!!(round 7:OPEN)  franciska 110 6731 over a year ago
5 Round Contest! *ROUND ONE OPEN*  Amzaza 13 3160 over a year ago
Taylor Swift 7in7 Icon Challenge  situ123 34 3117 over a year ago
My Third Taylor Contest! Please enter<13  ImUnbroken 17 3917 over a year ago
Taylor Swift  koolgirl4646 0 519 over a year ago
Calling Taylor Swift Fans!  skittlefreya 0 584 over a year ago
★Taylor Swift Contest★ Round 4 - Taylor with a sparkly guitar  carrieicecream 35 10178 over a year ago
2011 Luke Bryan Farm Tour Featured Artist releasing Debut Album  JacksonLawrence 0 506 over a year ago
Taylors outfits!!  swiftie54 0 1123 over a year ago
My Second Taylor Contest;Please enter!<13  ImUnbroken 9 852 over a year ago
CLOSED!  Vampire20 4 3507 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Caption!  SeleGirl 0 630 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Contest;Plase Enter!!(:<13  ImUnbroken 18 1601 over a year ago
O Music Award Nominations  ImUnbroken 0 307 over a year ago
Taylor's Nominated for 4 Teen Choice Awards  ImUnbroken 0 271 over a year ago
♥♪♫~Taylor Swift Photography Contest: Round Two is open!♥♪♫~  Cupcake138 17 2118 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Icon Contest- Round 1 open! :)  Chibilola14 23 2947 over a year ago
Taylor Swift with hot hairstyles  animega 3 1147 over a year ago
<Taylor icon contest>XD  loveisblind99 1 729 over a year ago
tylor swift contest 20 rounds:round 3 open eneter all here!!  franciska 40 4996 over a year ago
Countdown to 45000 Fans!♥  el0508 34 1251 over a year ago
¸¸.•´¯`★TAYLØR SWIFT VIDEØ CØNTEST¸¸.•´¯`★ROUND 5 CLOSED  naina2 61 5971 over a year ago
Taylor on Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrities List  ImUnbroken 0 598 over a year ago
Taylor Is Going To Be Featured On MTVs World Stage  ImUnbroken 0 338 over a year ago
Taylor Is Going To Be Featured On MTVs World Stage  ImUnbroken 0 313 over a year ago
Taylor Is Going To Be Featured On MTVs World Stage  ImUnbroken 0 548 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Facebook cover for the new timeline!<3  95ashley59 2 4775 over a year ago
*Taylor Swift Photo Editing Contest* Round 2 OPEN  leeleerobin 22 2420 over a year ago
♠Taylor Swift contest Round 2 open!!♠  -Harmony- 44 3795 over a year ago
Safe and Sound music for the Hunger Games  annietaps4ever 0 407 over a year ago
taylor rocks  pinkyparty9 0 421 over a year ago
Taylor swift contest!!!! (CLOSED)  swiftie54 99 9660 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Compared to K-Pop?  cfisherofman 0 552 over a year ago
'Safe and Sound' Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars (cover)  AandMsessions 0 401 over a year ago
<<<<<<<<CIKA>>>>Game 2012 Chelsea vs Stoke City Live match Online Coverage  aminaLina310 0 562 over a year ago
Do you know an ultimate fan of Taylor Swift?!  jessicaweihe 0 552 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Dating Rumors!!  matt_faulconer 0 412 over a year ago
FanMade Single Covers Contest! *Round 33 OPEN*  Anichu90v2 321 35757 over a year ago
***Taylor Swift contest CLOSED***  Aurora_star 168 11057 over a year ago
~Taylor Swift Photo Competition~CLOSED  abe3er 131 14084 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Contest (Round 4)  felicia_rena 47 6157 over a year ago
NEW SPOT LOOK [CLOSED]  maritina12345 25 1900 over a year ago
Fan made video!  Raeburter 5 467 over a year ago
Favourite Lyric contest - *Round 25 OPEN*  Anichu90v2 287 18576 over a year ago
◄Taylor Swift Icon Contest► ☺Contest Closed☺  Smilebaby05 30 2996 over a year ago
Best Taylor swift covers collection!<3  95ashley59 9 4661 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Songs Tournament [Nominations CLOSED; Voting OPEN]  SelenaCantSing 19 3654 over a year ago
Please vote for my Taylor Swift photo - 93.1 The Wolf Country Station  flgoss 0 376 over a year ago
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ABC of Taylor !♥ (closed) ♥♥♥  sweety63 31 3791 over a year ago
Taylor Swift in Les Miserables  londontheatre 0 622 over a year ago
Fan Made Single Covers Contest (ROUND EIGHET, HAUNTED)  Maxride456 75 8347 over a year ago
Taylor swift's hacked phone pics! scandalous <3  95ashley59 0 18084 over a year ago
Discounts at Belle Couture Boutique  BelleCouture 0 798 over a year ago
mk bags outlet  timely 0 656 over a year ago
michael kors handbags outlet  timely 0 636 over a year ago