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Guy fan singing breathe LOL, check it out :)  demondragon115 0 300 over a year ago
Music Videos Screencaps Contest Round 1 OPEN<3  riathebest_23 4 318 over a year ago
Opinions on Taylor Swift.  MileyWontTell 0 251 over a year ago
wallpaper  PicklePickle 1 305 over a year ago
Dresses  Percysclique 4 1760 over a year ago
WHAT DO YOU SPEAK FOR?!  cjcgal 0 179 over a year ago
Radio Disney Contest - Taylor Swift  bagheera202 0 1309 over a year ago
Favorite Lyric Contest 2! (different from the other one) Round 2  demifan4evr 12 615 over a year ago
Countdown to 30000 fans  Selena_01 24 710 over a year ago
The best Picture of Taylor swift  coolkatstar 9 3094 over a year ago
Which song of Taylor Swift is your favourite?  ShinoyAP 2 360 over a year ago
Hey Guys!  Taylor--Swift 2 869 over a year ago
What do u think bout Taylor Swift and Jake Gylanhaals budding romance???  teamjacob5 0 669 over a year ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT  AnnabethChase 1 1766 over a year ago
Taylor Swift's dress from "All For The Hall" benefit for sale!  fanzium 0 1009 over a year ago
Taylor Swift LIVE!!!  jasminebrooks 0 225 over a year ago
Which one's the real Taylor?  kstewrox 3 652 over a year ago
TAYLOR SWIFT ANNOUNCE SPEAK NOW WORLD TOUR 2011  Swifty4Life 2 1146 over a year ago
Taylor Swift: Hidden Messages In Her Albums!  Idunn 4 25152 over a year ago
taylor's smile...  dimsumdolly 1 395 over a year ago
Taylor Swift track list  Idunn 0 297 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Speak now track list  Idunn 0 359 over a year ago
**Icon & Banner Suggestions**  x-Sophie-Jade-x 64 3934 over a year ago
latest pic from  lovepop 0 292 over a year ago
latest pic from  lovepop 0 390 over a year ago
t  twilightlover73 3 555 over a year ago
Taylor Swift video about her new album Speak Now!  shocksanni 2 253 over a year ago
Halloween Party!!!  lovepop 0 359 over a year ago
Taylor Swift New Album Contest for VIP stuff?  janyoung101 0 314 over a year ago
ABC Taylor  BritAshPos 0 302 over a year ago
Taylor Swift - Deluxe Edition [High Quality Download!] FREE!  saintcj 0 1317 over a year ago
Review Taylor Swifts new CD Speak Now!  PRJunky 1 681 over a year ago
Taylor Swift song question  ryanson209 0 378 over a year ago
Pre-order Taylor's new Speak Now album!  31shootingstar 0 695 over a year ago
Taylor Swift's Mine  xRundx 2 329 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Signed Guitar  kmc206 0 799 over a year ago
Taylor Contest - Win a dream trip to NYC!  christine_m 0 521 over a year ago
Taylor Swift :x  Bieber_91 0 192 over a year ago
PRE-ORDER Taylor Swifts NEW CD Speak Now $15  taylordeals 0 400 over a year ago
$35 for Fearless CD AUTOGRAPHED by Taylor Swift  taylordeals 0 456 over a year ago
Countdown to Speak Now :)  SlashFox14 0 413 over a year ago
*Taylor Icon Contest*  gossip_girl-GG 43 2394 over a year ago
DOES TAYLOR SWIFT HAVE A FANPOP ACCOUNT?!  kstewrox 2 953 over a year ago
Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me in LEGO  Markenration 1 1086 over a year ago
Best Taylor Pic!  vampire167 0 453 over a year ago
Is Taylor Swift Dating Sterling Knight??  drunksheep 1 2930 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Radio!  woowoo89 0 306 over a year ago
Where was this?  TaylorST 0 261 over a year ago
TAYLOR'S PHONE NUMBER  T_Nigs 1 2623 over a year ago
Platinum Secret Messages  bubbles4u22 3 376 over a year ago
I just found out..  xtorbaby 7 621 over a year ago
Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner  rAsberrStrarS 0 760 over a year ago
ZAC EFRON AND TAYLOR DATING?!?  zacattack4400 1 1076 over a year ago
Participants Needed for Performance in NYC  lineperformance 0 216 over a year ago
Taylor Swift CD Secret Messages  bubbles4u22 0 450 over a year ago
Taylor Swift CD Secret Messages  bubbles4u22 0 162 over a year ago
Taylor Swift CD Secret Messages  bubbles4u22 0 252 over a year ago
Guess the Lyrics!!!  izzysawsome 2 697 over a year ago
Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams tweet back and forth a lot!  whocelebstweet 0 1065 over a year ago
Jigsaw puzzle games of Taylor Swift  kfclady 0 3509 over a year ago
I need your votes to go see a Taylor Swift concert  tswiftfan25 1 445 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Guitar with Taylor's handwritten signature  lightforkids 0 6534 over a year ago
taylor swifts brother  sophiejane18 0 427 over a year ago
i love TS  sophiejane18 0 366 over a year ago
Taylor Swift's Cousin  sgst1993 1 987 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Banner And Icon Submissions!  Cookie_Glam 3 1336 over a year ago
Taylor Swift#1  mz_ihate_jb 2 1316 over a year ago
j and t brackupp  vampirelover17 3 620 over a year ago
I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY  divergirl5396 2 607 over a year ago
My Taylor Swift collection (world largest collection?)  Heikki360 3 854 over a year ago
Taylor Swift likes Chase Coy!?!?  NovaLee98 1 857 over a year ago
TGA  sam101 0 617 over a year ago
Fifteen (male version)  jadees 5 1592 over a year ago
Declan McGarry  acsummertime 1 478 over a year ago
please help! <3  boopsy429 0 213 over a year ago
Icon Competition! <3  emmett 3 469 over a year ago
New Band: Days Difference  NovaLee98 0 352 over a year ago
Hey talk to me im ur BIGGEST fan!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx :) :P  Riana88 0 794 over a year ago
taylor swift  123oj 2 261 over a year ago
Taylor Swift contest  Amberlicious5 1 1537 over a year ago
Taylor Swift - Today was a fairytale (Piano Version)  berzelius 1 2372 over a year ago
TAYLOR SWIFT'S 20 BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  tayroxyea 2 691 over a year ago
the golden taylor swift club  kaymay27 2 373 over a year ago
taylor l  alex103816 0 362 over a year ago
[VIDEO] Taylor Swift - You belong With Me - Live 2009 - HD  mohamed_billy 0 533 over a year ago
VFC TEEN  victoryfanclub 0 428 over a year ago
Taylor at Jingle ball!  InTheWind 1 692 over a year ago
Taylor Swift Concerts in 2010  playmaker21 0 547 over a year ago
Obama talking about Kanye West  BlairChuckFan 3 323 over a year ago
New Taylor Swift Club / Forum!  taylorswiftforu 0 330 over a year ago
Grammy Nominations 2010!  Annaoth 4 521 over a year ago
change the headline  cocoshake 0 522 over a year ago
mtv music awards  rosie77 19 2823 over a year ago
Taylor Swift's Cousin  sgst1993 7 4597 over a year ago
I'M MAD!  teamjacob5 0 652 over a year ago
Dec 2 - Taylor Swift has her own channel (video library) on Comcast  NewsPiggy 0 430 over a year ago
[VIDEO] Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me Guitar Solo  MicahGeertson 0 1003 over a year ago
there is a new Taylor Swift DOLL!!!!  bleeson1 0 1068 over a year ago
TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERTS  Yonsang 2 574 over a year ago
lyric codes  jfluvsjb3200 0 746 over a year ago