Uhh...well... I dont know if guys do this or not but if not just know dat i do (P.S Im NOT gay!!)

Well me and Tay have been friends since I started fanpop and from there on, we did have our ups and downs, lefts and rights and whatever but thats what friends go through sooner or later
Just wanted to tell this chick right here (Tay) that even if u abonden me (hope u dont) Friendship is like money,easier made than kept and if you have gud friends, no matter how life sucks, they can make you laugh and thats what you've been 2 me, a gud friend which I dont wanna lose

Well yeah, I think we've drifted apart but I still take you as my best friend :-)
(P.S like I said " I aint GAY!!)
I didnt 4get bout u, Jessiexxx