TDH Total Drama High School (RP, pleeeeease join)

123KittyCat posted on Apr 24, 2012 at 07:08AM
Welcome to TDHS, a school for talented people.

Ok people this is ridiculous, over 260 veiws and only 14 replys, including my own. so when you veiw please contribute. I am on almost all the time so I will probably reply. Do you really want to make me cry?!


7:00- Breakfast
8:00- English
9:00- Science
10:00- Art
11:00- Free
11:30- Maths
12:30- DT
13:30- Lunch
14:30- Gifted and Talented
16:00- School Ends
19:00- Dinner

1-15 and A-Z

Roxy: 3G
Bree: 5U

I'll start...
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over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
Roxan: *slams locker closed* Stupid school, I couldn't care less if I have a special talent, I'd rather have stayed in my old school with my friends.
Roxan: *slams locker closed* Stupid school, I couldn't care less if I have a special talent, I'd rath
over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
Brianna: *walks towards English*
Brianna: *walks towards English*
over a year ago canddfan29 said…
Caroline: *follows her* hey Brianna.
over a year ago wishey said…
Lily: hey guys wait up!
over a year ago jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx : - has earphones in listing to music with hunter -

hunter : - listening -

fara: - walking round the school -
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
riley:*laughing* f-failure!
sayu: laughing with her* i-I know!! how th-the hell does that even happen?
timothy: *laughs slightly* yeah...i kinda agree with them
kyoya: *blushes* just because we're geniuses doesn't mean we can't have accidnets
sayu: *glares at him and points at her shirt* what does this say???
kyoya: reads*'genius by birth , slacker by choice'...oh yeah.

sayu: sticks her tounge out at him then puts earphones in*
riley: so how exactly did that happen to you?
kyoya: I was skateboarding when jinx jumped infront of me, I freaked and swerved into the fence
riley: then?
kyoya: I frontflipped over the fence straight into a tree...
riley: and you didn't go the other way because?
kyoya:....I dont know -.-
over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
Bree: hey guys. how are you.

Roxy: firetruck, I'm gonns br late
over a year ago laylay0014 said…
over a year ago wishey said…
Charlotte: hey josh
Josh: hey Charlotte
Charlotte: you won't believe this but Ben asked me out
Josh:-looks surprised-
Charlotte: yeah we're going to the movies this weekend
over a year ago laylay0014 said…

Layla:Oh sorry.Hey sis

Courtney:What's up Angle


Layla:Ok *looks behinde her* *to Courtney*Drew and Duncan are coming

Courtney:Speaking about Drew and Duncan , I can't wait til our double date on friday

Layla:I know right.*to Angel* We got to go


Layla and Courtney:bye
over a year ago canddfan29 said…
Caroline: bye
over a year ago tamilnna said…
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over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
Jonny: Hey Bree *kisses her*

Bree: *kisses back, smiles*hey Jonny, how was Mauritius?

Jonny: I'm pretty sure it was amazing but I was way to busy thinking about you and all the surfers in Miami.

Bree: Yeah right, they've got nothing on you *laughs*
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over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
Roxy:* Sits down in the back row of English * this is going to be a long day *puts in earphones*
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over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *walks in* Hello, prisoners.
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
riley: *looks at sami* hey
sayu: prison makes it sound nice
kyoya; *nods*
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *laughs*
over a year ago SimVampire200 said…
Darlene: Is anyone even here?
Darlene: Is anyone even here?
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *burps* Duuuuuuuuuh!