Alice’s POV: The WORST thing has happened!!

After defeated Trent, and reading a ton of my girlie books non-stop, I realised.
I don’t need a boyfriend.
I sat on the log, and Trent was next to me.
I could smell his liquorice smell and I inhaled deeply, I looked up at him when he wasn’t looking and noticed all the detail on his face, his emerald green eyes, his jet black long hair pale skin.
Love is blind, and it’s torturing me!
Valentines day is soon, and after everyone else fought the girls side won by three points.
“Alright!” Heather said
“As I seem to have won, I should be the leader.” Heather grinned.
We all laughed.
“Um, no.”
All I could think about is Trent Trent Trent

Raynie’s POV:

Noah cornered me by the trailer, the same grin on his face as when I first met him – Well, he was not grinning when I fir—HEY to the point here..

“So, got a Valentine?” Noah grinned.
I smirked, Obviously not, he was the only one I liked.
“Well, Obv. Not.” I said.
“Righttt, Well, may I.. uh, SHARE MY BOOK WITH YOU?” He said.

Oh, brother.
I really don’t want to ruin the boy asking girl tradition (which, btw NEVER happens!)
“Hey, want to be my valentine?” I smirked.
“Yes.” Noah blushed.

Alice’s POV: It’s all torture. Everyone is going around, holding hands. Cody asked me to be his, and I said no.
He said “What about the times together in the dressing room, the horror set, and stuff!” I smirked, “Well, that was then. Look, I’m thinking of breaking up with Trent.

I don’t need a boyfriend.” That’s when Cody sprinted off.
I chased after him, obviously quicker then him.
I saw the trailer door and as I was ready to knock it down Duncan opened the door, so I flew up at him, landing in a not-so-nice position, infront of trent. BY ACCIDENT, Duncans lips touched mine, he reluctantly moved away from me, but it was better then me telling Trent.
That’s what I thought, anyway. His eyes filled with tears and he walked off.

Raynie’s POV:

All I saw was me and Noah walking through the woods then Trent running right past our face, with his hands cupping his face.
We walked after him.
“Trent, wait up!” I said. Alice soon wondered out, past the woods up to Trent.
“Nice kiss, Princess.” Duncan said.
“Trent.” Alice said.
“Leave me alone, you’ve done enough, right? Is this revenge or something, why did I de”
I cut him off.
“Um, private time? Yeah. Me and Noah will be in the pool.”
“Trent. That’s what I need to talk to you about.” Alice said.

Jessica’s POV:

Oh geez. Everyone is watching Justin and me. I asked Cody to be my valentines, and now Alice is staring at me. I mean she dumped him, right? Gosh, some people are just so rude.


Alice’s POV:

“What?” Trent said, sitting down on a rock.
“Listen, I just don’t think we are compatible. We keep getting into arguments easily, We aren’t right for each other. Agreed?”

Whether he liked it or not, I walked off.
And now all I think about..