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Heather x Trent- You Give Love A Bad Name

Bon Jovi song

Total Drama Island-Heather's Confessionals

All of the confessionals made by Heather on TDI, enjoy! I don't own this video!

Because Heather is AWESOME

Another Heather tribute! :D

Heather Wins Total Drama World Tour

The ending of the season finale for TDWT, when Heather wins. :D

Heather and Alejandro: "Versus"

The final song in Total Drama World Tour, "Versus."

Heather and Alejandro "This is How We Will End It"

Here's the Total Drama World Tour song "How We Will End It."

Heather is Cruella DeVill

A tribute to Heather, with the song "Cruella De Vill" by Selena Gomez. This song sounds like what everyone else thinks of her... Except for her fans :) *NOT MY VIDEO*

Heather- So What?

The pictures match the words. *NOT MY VIDEO!*