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Opinion by Tdinoahiscute4 posted over a year ago
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Sami: What's Scene? Is that some crappy, cheap knockoff of Emo? I hate My Chemical Romance. What's Punk?

Talia: Hm. Black T-shirt or grey? Eh, I'll just wear both. I honestly don't freaking care about other people. *glares at someone*

Terra: What's England? Oh, my! Someone is injured! *skips away*

Ivy: Screw dresses. Time for jeans. *slides on a pair of Coverses*

That's about it. I am tired. *yawn* OK. Don't do drugs. Be straightedge. Be PLUR. Love Gerard Way. Not Frank. He's mine. Grrrrrr.

Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted over a year ago
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Star: Homosexuality forever! Hadar and Adriana are my BFF's! Sami is a terrible friend! I hate her guts!

Jecica: I remember my name!

Melissa: Happy, happy, happy! Wrestling is boring.

Lance:*pushes a nerd down some stairs* Ha ha! Nerd!

Georgia:*eating a lot of cookies*

Gage: Being random is so over rated.

Zach: Screw Doctor Who, I like MLP.

Sam: Derp!

Daniel: Screw Ashley, I'm in love with Hadar.

Ashley: Praise Satan! Homosexuality is awesome!

(I hope I didn't forget anyone.)
Article by Courtneyfan214 posted over a year ago
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Jenny: *sigh* i don't see any money in olivia's things. *keeps searching for money in olivia's house* i am SO breaking up with her! *crosses her arms* i never liked her, as soon as she said she was a princess all i could hear is MONEY! but all that crashed as soon as she said she was a mermaid. *sigh* half human half fish! that's so nasty! and i'm not into girls like that. *looks at a picture of drake* i'm coming for you honey!

Veronica: calvin? as my boyfriend!? *laughs* it's like going out with a hobo. now all i need to do is get an abortion right in front of him! *evil laughs*

BJ: *gasp* taking other people's souls is wrong, and so is giving your body to random men. i'm gonna donate million's of dollars to help save the world!

Dylan: me and sami?! *laughs* she's a blonde! she's too easy to fool, and she has dyslexia, which makes it even better! but do you know who i really think is hot? addison. *sigh* why did i even brake up with her? i guess it was the whole thinking about my future thing, but who cares now! *calls addison*
Article by Tdinoahiscute4 posted over a year ago
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Sami: *at her locker* OK, Ivy fell for it. *crosses her name off of a checklist*
Terra: What's this?
Sami: AHH! Don't scare me like that, Terra! Jeez! It's nothing. What do you want?
Terra: OK? So, wanna go to the mall with me tonight?
Sami: I would, but I can't. I'm really, really, reeeeeeeally sorry. Anna's sick. She has the plague
Terra: Okay? Sami? Is there something there something you aren't telling me?
Sami: NO! Absolutely not! What a ludicrous accusation! Anna has the plague, simple as that. I can't go to the mall because I have to take care of my plagued little sister. Jeez!
Terra: OK? Well, I'll see you tomorrow... *walks away*
Sami: Two down, three to go. *smirks and crosses Terra's name off of the checklist*
Article by Tdinoahiscute4 posted over a year ago
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*Sami and Ivy are standing in the mall, discussing random crap*

Sami: I have NEVER met someone so STUPID, Ive.
Ivy: *nods* So... This guy from Italy...
Sami: All yours. I dumped him. He was flirting with Terra. *shrugs*
Ivy: Well, doesn't Terra have... Um...
Sami: Alexandre? No. He thought that they were *British accent* "drifting apart."
Ivy: Oh. So, do you have to babysit tonight?
Sami: Uh, yeah. Anna's sick. So...
Ivy: Oh. Well, tell her I said, "hi!" *skips away*
Sami: One down, four ro go. *smirks*
Fan fiction by Courtneyfan214 posted over a year ago
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(jenny as a kid)

duncan(kid): come on jenny! run fast!

jenny: i am!

???: come back here thiefs!

duncan: *sees a corner and runs to it* follow me jenny*

jenny: ok! *follows duncan*

(duncan and jenny runs to a corner and found out it was a dead end)

jenny:*angry* way to go! duncan!

duncan: sorry!

jenny: *thinks then pops an idea* *grabs duncan's hand and runs behind the dumpster*

???: *runs to the corner that duncan and jenny ran to* damn it! they got away! *runs back to his shop*

jenny: *looks up and sees that the man is gone*

duncan: is he gone?

jenny: yeah! *gets from behind dumpster*

duncan: *follows behind jenny*

jenny: promise me you won't have me still anything again?

duncan: ok i promise... in two weeks! *runs home with the three bags in his arm*

jenny: *smiles* wait for me! *runs behind him*
Fan fiction by Courtneyfan214 posted over a year ago
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name: flo

age: 17

sexuality: straight

why be on the show (any): she wants to be shown to the world give it her all.

likes: looking good, winning, earning peoples respect, giving makeovers, hairsprays, getting active, dancing, and playing the drums

dislikes: people using her stuff without permission, losing, people that uses other, liers, people who complains too much, and other people who brags about themselves(very, very, much)

height: 5'6

hair color: dark red

eye color: light green

crush: noah, alejandro, and cody.

strengths: talent shows, running, dancing, playing drums, leading through dangerous courses.

weakness: camping, eating contests, and mutant things.

short bio: grow up in a getto neighborhood as the smartest girl that gets along with everyone.

bio: born in dallas, texas as the only child her mother and father went through tough times. one day her mother caught her father with another women, but she gave him another chance. two years later when flo was 5 her father told her mother that he had an...