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Opinion by Tdinoahiscute4 posted over a year ago
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Sami: What's Scene? Is that some crappy, cheap knockoff of Emo? I hate My Chemical Romance. What's Punk?

Talia: Hm. Black T-shirt or grey? Eh, I'll just wear both. I honestly don't freaking care about other people. *glares at someone*

Terra: What's England? Oh, my! Someone is injured! *skips away*

Ivy: Screw dresses. Time for jeans. *slides on a pair of Coverses*

That's about it. I am tired. *yawn* OK. Don't do drugs. Be straightedge. Be PLUR. Love Gerard Way. Not Frank. He's mine. Grrrrrr.

Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted over a year ago
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Star: Homosexuality forever! Hadar and Adriana are my BFF's! Sami is a terrible friend! I hate her guts!

Jecica: I remember my name!

Melissa: Happy, happy, happy! Wrestling is boring.

Lance:*pushes a nerd down some stairs* Ha ha! Nerd!

Georgia:*eating a lot of cookies*

Gage: Being random is so over rated.

Zach: Screw Doctor Who, I like MLP.

Sam: Derp!

Daniel: Screw Ashley, I'm in love with Hadar.

Ashley: Praise Satan! Homosexuality is awesome!

(I hope I didn't forget anyone.)
Article by Courtneyfan214 posted over a year ago
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Jenny: *sigh* i don't see any money in olivia's things. *keeps searching for money in olivia's house* i am SO breaking up with her! *crosses her arms* i never liked her, as soon as she said she was a princess all i could hear is MONEY! but all that crashed as soon as she said she was a mermaid. *sigh* half human half fish! that's so nasty! and i'm not into girls like that. *looks at a picture of drake* i'm coming for you honey!

Veronica: calvin? as my boyfriend!? *laughs* it's like going out with a hobo. now all i need to do is get an abortion right in front of him! *evil laughs*

BJ: *gasp* taking other people's souls is wrong, and so is giving your body to random men. i'm gonna donate million's of dollars to help save the world!

Dylan: me and sami?! *laughs* she's a blonde! she's too easy to fool, and she has dyslexia, which makes it even better! but do you know who i really think is hot? addison. *sigh* why did i even brake up with her? i guess it was the whole thinking about my future thing, but who cares now! *calls addison*