Duncans P.O.V
Duncan: (wakes up from deep sleep and stretches and makes alittle noise) that was a deep sleep
Duncan: (walks down stairs and smells food) Hey mom whats cookin?
Duncans mom: Oh just alittle bacon and eggs
Duncan: (smiles) Great I love bacon and eggs
Duncans mom: I know you do sweetie
Duncan: (growls alittle) dont call me that! only one person can call me that!!
Ducnans mom: (smiles) and what person is that
Duncan: Its Gwen...you know...my girlfriend
Duncans mom: Oh yea
Duncan: I know you knew mom
Duncans mom: Yea I did I was just messin with ya
Duncan: (grins) Well thanx
Duncan: (Sits down and eats alittle bacon and some eggs)
Ducnan: mmm that was good (Smiles)
Gwens P.O.V
Gwen: (sits on couch watching madly murder)
Gwen: awww yeaa what an awesome episode
T.V.: we will be right back with madly murder
Gwen: (Turns off T.V and feels phone buzzing)
Gwen: what is this (looks at phone and sees a txt from duncan)
Gwen: Oh duncan! (reads txt that says meet me at the park at noon thanx babe ;))
Gwen: (smiles) I will
Jake: You will what?
Gwen: its none of your bisness Jake
Jake: well I think it is I mean you are my sister, Its that Duncan isnt it
Jake: Awww I knew it!
Gwen: Shut up Jake!
Jake: fine fine I just wanted to know
Gwen: well know you know
Jake: Yea thanx (walks away from Gwen)
Gwen: (Looks at watch) Its almost noon Id better get goin
Gwen: Mom Im going to the park for awhile
Gwens mom: Ok Gwen just be back before dark
Gwen: I will (walks out the door and walks to the park)
Duncan: (sits at park bench) she should be here soon
Gwen: (sees park and goes to it) Hey Duncan
Duncan: (sees Gwen and stands up) Hey sweetheart!
Gwen: (giggles) sup babe (Winks and points out finger)
Duncan: Not much sweetie just waiting for you to come
Gwen: yea (smiles)
Duncan: (Kisses Gwen)
Gwen: (Blushes)
Duncan: I missed you babe
Gwen: I missed you to hun
Duncan: (smiles and takes gwens hand)
Gwen: So what do you wanna do?
Duncan: All's I want is to be with you
Gwen: awwwww but what do you wanna talk about?
Duncan: I donno....us?
Gwen: sounds great (Smiles)
Duncan: remember that time where we were making over rated brownies
Gwen: (laughs) Oh do I ever you put some drug in it and we had K.P. dudy
Duncan: (laughs) Yea those were the days
Gwen: yea they were
Duncan: I think I like it better now thoe
Gwen: Why you say that?
Duncan: (Holds Gwen tightly) cause I have you as my girlfriend
Gwen: (Laughs) you sure do
Duncan: (Smiles and kisses Gwen)
Gwen: Its getting kinda late you wanna come to my house? like for dinnner
Duncan: HA sure your moms a good cook (whispers) Id take her food over my moms anyday
Gwen: (laughs) really?
Duncan: Yea
Gwen: Ok well lets go (Holds duncans hand and walks him to her house)
Duncan: (smiles) I remember being in this exact spot for your 15th
Gwen: Yea me to you gave me the best present
Duncan:(Laughs) You bet I did
Gwen: (smiles) well we better get inside
Duncan: yea
Gwen: (knocks on door)
Gwens mom: Jake could you get that please!?!?
Jake: Sure mom
Jake: (opens door and sees Duncan and Gwen holding hands)
Jake: Welll what do we have here?
Gwen: Back off Jake
Jake: Why sould I?
Gwen: Because if you dont he will beat you up
Gwen: (Looks at Duncan and whispers) You will right?
Duncan: (Smiles) Oh yeah sure
Gwen: Thanks
Duncan: anytime sweetheart
Duncan: Back of my girlfriend
Jake: Fine fine just wanted to see
Gwen: Well you saw
Duncan: yea so beat it (Pulls up fist)
Jake: (walks off)
Duncan: (smiles) always works
Gwen: (laughs) Yea
Gwens mom: What do you guys want for dinner
Gwen and Duncan: Chicken Alfrado
Gwen and Duncan: You like that to?
Duncan: (Laughs) yea Ive liked it since I was a kid
Gwen: Same here
Duncan: (holds Gwens hand and smiles)
Duncan: You are the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen, Your like a bright star in the sky that lights up my whole world
Gwen: awwwwww your sweet (Smiles)
Duncan: I know but not all the time (grins)
Gwen: (laughs) I know Duncan
Duncan: You know me so well
Gwen: Yea I know
Duncan: So Im wondering what your room looks like, I sorta forgot what it looked like, Its been awhile since Ive come here
Gwen: Yea thats right it has, My room hasnt changed much but sure you can see it
Duncan: Cool (Smiles)
Gwen: Yea (smiles back and leds him to her room)
Duncan: (Opens Gwens room door and smiles)
Gwen: Soooo....you like it?
Duncan: Oh yeah babe I love it
Gwen: (Smiles) Thanx
Duncan and Gwen: WHATS THAT?!?!?
Duncan: I love this song (bops head to the music)
Gwen: (Laughs) Now I remember my radio usually automaticly comes on at about this time
Duncan: Does it always go to this song?
Gwen: No it plays other songs to this is usually the first one thoe
Duncan: Sweet!
Gwen: I know right (Smiles and listens to the song)
Duncan:(Listens to song and dances)
Gwen:(Looks at duncans dance and laughs)
Duncan: What is it sweetheart? cant get enough of this?
Gwen: (Laughs) No its just I like your dancing its kinda funny (smiles) its entertaining to watch
Duncan: well thanks sweetie (Continues Dancing)
Gwen: (laughs and joins Duncans Dancing)
Duncan: (Sees Gwen Dance) Your a good dancer to Gwen
Gwen: Oh thanks Duncan (keeps dancing)
Duncan: (sees Gwen dancing and grabs her hands and slow dances with her)
Gwen: (eyes widen) I thought you had fun Dancing alone with me
Duncan: I did but now its time to take it slow
Gwen: (laughs) that doesnt really sound like you cause you like taking things fast I know you do
Duncan: (Laughs) You know me well
Gwen: Sure do
Duncan: (Smiles)
Gwen: (smiles back)
Duncan: Gwen I love you
Gwen: I love you t-
Duncan: (Kisses Gwen)
Gwen: (Eyes widen and slowly close)
Duncan: I know you do sweetheart
Gwen: You know I do what?
Duncan: (Grins) I know you want me
Gwen: (laughs and hugs Duncan) I already have you Duncan what more could I ask for?
Duncan: (smiles evily) well there is something but I dont think you want that yet....
Gwen: What do you mean?
Duncan: You really wanna know?
Gwen: (Gets closer to Duncan) Yea what is it?
Duncan: wellll.....
Gwen: Its ok you can tell me
Duncan: Ok well I was thinkin somthin like this
Duncan: (Kisses Gwen hard)
Gwen: (Eyes widen and close)
Duncan: You up for that
Gwen: Im thinkin that your thinking something more than that are you?
Duncan: (Smiles) I dont know what do you think?
Gwen: Maybe
Duncan: Ok yea I was possibly thinking that
Gwen: I wasnt really thinking that but well, we could like make out I guess
Duncan: Sure thats cool as long as its ok with you Im ok with it
Gwen: (smiles) Ok dont go to far thoe
Duncan: I'll try my best not to sweetheart
Gwen: (gives Duncan a peck) Thanks babe
Duncan: No worries hun
Gwen: (Smiles)
Duncan: (Takes Gwens hand)
Gwen: I have a couch in here
Duncan: Really where?
Gwen: Right there silly (Points at couch)
Duncan: Oh yea (laughs and holds gwens hand and leds her to her couch)
Gwen: (Smiles at Duncan)
Duncan: (Winks at Gwen)
Gwen: (Blushes)
Duncan: (Kisses Gwen slowly and softly)
Gwen: (Kisses back)
Duncan: (smiles)
Gwen: (Smiles back)
Duncan: (Kisses Gwens neck)
Gwen: (Giggles)
Duncan: (Kisses Gwen)
Gwen: (Slowly lays on couch)
Duncan: (Slowly lays on couch)
Gwen: (Looks at duncan on top)
Duncan: (Smiles and Kisses Gwen)
Gwen: (Kisses Duncan Back)
Duncan: I love you Gwen
Gwen: I love you to Duncan
Duncan: (Smiles) I know you do sweetheart
Gwen: (smiles) So what now?
Duncan:(Laughs) I dont really know its up to you
Gwen: Oh ok well Its getting late I guess you could spend the night
Duncan: Oh cool thanks
Gwen: Anytime
Duncan: (Gets on Gwens bed and lies there)
Gwen: (sees Duncan lieing on her bed and joins him)
Duncan: (Looks at Gwen and smiles at her)
Gwen: (smiles back)
Gwen: so you wanna watch blood bath 2?
Duncan: Sure I love that movie
Gwen: Cool I do to
Duncan: Yea (Gets closer to Gwen)
Gwen: (Gets up and puts blood bath 2 on)
Duncan: I love this movie
Gwen: Yea I know
Duncan: (Smiles)
Gwen: (Lies down on bed with duncan)
Duncan: (Gets closer to Gwen and cuddles her)
Gwen: (smiles and watches blood bath 2)