Dear diary,

I know, normally I don't write this way, but it's not my fault! He brings out the girly side of me! Blame him! I wish he would just get out of my head! I came here, to win a million green ones, and because my brother bet me to do it, and because of my contract (STUPID CHRIS! HE SHOULD DIE IN A HOLE! D: ) and now, I'm gushing over a guy! Although, he's so perfect…

With his beautiful lime-green eyes, that captured y heart at the beginning of the series, and that are like a magnet for mine, because even when I'm with Duncan, I glance at him, just to get a glimpse of him. And whenever we look into each other's eyes, I can feel my heart melting.

With his shaggy, black hair, that are impossible to draw. Whenever I sketch him, I can never get his hair right. But they are so good whenever I want to give him a 'friendly' noogie. And everyday, when I cry onto his shoulder, it always has this scent of vanilla, and strawberry.

He always smuggles me an 'extra muffin' and, what's rather weird, it is eatable. It always touches me, how he cares about me, even after I broke his heart, broke up with him, AND started dating his worst enemy!

His body is so perfect! I can hardly stop staring at it. No one, not even Duncan has such hot body!

Now I feel so bad! I'm a horrible person! During TDA I thought that he went WAY too crazy, and since it was my first real relationship, I freaked out, and pretty much broke up with him. During TDWT, I though Duncan was the one for me, and so, I kissed him. But now, I realize that I was stupid. Now, that I'm with Duncan, I understand that it's not what I wanted. I start to see that I'm seriously the WORST. PERSON .EVER! Now, Courtney hates me as well, and we used to be friends…

I wish my problems would end here, but they don't. Fortunately, Trent is always here for me, even though he can't help me with this problem. I feel as if I need to break-up with Duncan. We were better as friends, and when I kiss him, I feel like kissing my brother. But, I'm afraid he still loves me, and I don't want to hurt him, like I hurt Trent and Courtney. And after we would break-up, I would try to get back the best guy who I fell for. Trent. He is my world! And I was so stupid not to see it! I just wish he still loves me! Well, that's all for now, because we have another challenge. Maybe now I'll get a chance to break-up with Duncan? Let's hope so.

Love, Gwen