I want to dedicate this fan fiction to xRainbowNinjax for her birfday. This is your gift that I've been owing you for how long now. I told you I'd get you one. ;) Well my peeps, enjoy!

Trent's P.O.V

This was killing me, the whole situation I was in, was just killing me. My name is Trent Smith and I am currently 18 years old. I play guitar, have deep kiwi eyes, was on a reality TV show, 2 seasons running, (so far)and met this great girl while at it. Her name is Gwen Pearsons and I miss her like hell. After Total Drama Action ended, Gwen and I made up and decided to be friends, but I still want to be more. But, there's only one thing standing in the way, and he's got blue ocean-like eyes and a green faux hawk that no one could ever mistake for someone else. Duncan Carter. The very mention of his name sent bad vibes down my spine. The dude was revolting. He was sly, cunning, and what bugged me the most, was that he was after the same girl. Duncan doesn't deserve Gwen. He's not the commitment type of guy. His 'I don't give two shits' attitude just drives me nuts thinking that Gwen could ever be in the hands of a guy like that. I naturally despised Duncan, but decided to let it go once I found out that Gwen considered him as a friend. That was until....


We had the day off from challenges, which naturally and immediately pleased all of the remaining contestants. A full 24 hours, all to ourselves with supposedly no cameras? It was too good to be true. But what would make it even better was spending the day with the one person that I actually wanted to spend it with, Gwen. Setting off to find her, I walked into the girls cabin, she wasn't there. Boy's cabin? Nadda. Where could she be? Wait, dur!I can take this opportunity to get her some flowers. Yeah, call me a prude all you want, but it's for love. I slowly and delicately went out into the woods and picked her a variety of flowers. :) My curiosity taking over me, I waltzed into the mess hall to find no other then Gwen! :D.... with Duncan. :( About to call out to her, a deep muscular tone beat me too it. "Hey sweetheart." Duncan greeted her. "Hey stud." she giggled back. Wait, giggled? That wasn't just any Gwen giggle. It was Gwen's, 'I'm interested' giggle. This pained me. "So I was wondering since we have the day off, maybe you'd wanna raid the snack bar with me and we can watch a movie." Gwen smiled at him. "A movie? You know we're not supposed to use any technology on the island. Tisk, tisk, tisk." she taunted. Duncan smirked and slammed her against the wall, blocking her path with his arm. "Well maybe I'm just bad like that." he whispered. The way he said the word, bad... it was full with so much lust, my blood started boiling. Gwen smirked back. "Hm, I didn't know you had it in you."
"You dare to question my bad boy abilities?" he chuckled back. "You can't question what you don't have." she slyly responded back. "Oh you wanna go girly?" Duncan laughed. Gwen chuckled in response and soon enough they were wrestling on the floor.
I slowly crept away from the scene, dragging the bouquet of flowers that I had in my right arm. I can't believe Duncan was flirting with her... and she didn't stop him. It made me think alot about the situation that night. When Gwen and I talked about it, she promised me that they were just messing around, y'know, as friends, but my suspicions still rise whenever I even see Gwen and Duncan near each other.

End of Flashback

So here I sit with you, confessing my feelings for the girl that I met on the island. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about how Gwen's doing now. Being on Total Drama has been her road to stardome. That one dare that her brother pressured her into doing, turned into a new lifestyle. She surprisingly took an interest in acting and became an actress. She has stared in many of her two favorite genres. At first, horror, and then started comedy. And, if I do say so myself, her work is amazing. All of her movies have shot right up in ratings in at most the first two weeks of the premiere. That must be some record. Fame has been eating her up. She was already famous on Total Drama, being a clear fan favorite. You should see her now. Living in the lime light. To my dismay, Duncan has also taking an attraction to acting and has taken the same path as Gwen. Rumour has it (see what I did there?...oh Adele. :P) that Gwen and Duncan will be co-starring together in this epic supernatural, action, romance movie. It's told to be, 'the best movie event of the year'. I sighed. Well, I'm still going strong in the music business and have even been on the radio a few times, so yeah.. I have a decent amount of fame. But Gwen and Duncan have more. For the others... I've guess they've taken their own paths until Chris calls us back for another gruesome edition of the show. My stomach turned, coming back into reality. In my hand, I held a crumpled up piece of paper that took me forever to find. Why was I so motivated to find it? On that piece of paper, held all of the contestants' contact information, if we ever wanted to keep in touch. I haven't spoken to any of them in...... well over a year, and I really don't want to. Well, accept for Gwen. I've been trying to muster up the courage to talk to her, but every time I hear the first ring, I chicken out and hang up. I mean, how would she react? How would I react? Does she even remember me? These are the things that worry me. But, today, with my lucky socks on, and my favorite guitar as my right hand man, I'm gonna call her... for real.
I hesitantly punch in the 10-digit number. I stopped before I pressed the green call button. Ok, think about this Trent. Do you even know what you're gonna say? What if she's unhappy to hear from you and was actually expecting a call from her producers or some shit like that? I quickly pushed those thoughts to the side.

It's now or never Trent.

I pushed the button.






My heart stopped.
That's the end of chapter one. Things have been really slow on this site. Come on people, show me something to work with! :P I know this sounds like a TrentxGwen fanfiction, but it really isn't. Just wait till it gets more into the story. Trent isn't the bad guy though. I just wanted to make a fanfiction that didn't portray Trent as the abusive boyfriend. I wanted to portray him as a sweet, pure, good-hearted teen who is just looking for love. Y'know. A fanfiction filled with emotion, and not pain. :) Well, again... Happy B-lated (is that what they call it?) birfday xRainbowNinjax!