Chapter 16
(Heather's P.O.V.)
*back at the camp site*
I'm guessing my plan worked perfectly!
There is no way Duncan could've survived that blow!
Now, on a b*tchy note, Duncan and Gwen have been gone for the whole morning! Leshawna, DJ, Harold and I had to do all the work!
We didn't have any meat last night, thanks to Duncan. Gwen was gone, so we didn't have separate tent, shelter, things, and I had to sleep near Harold.
Uhhg! You see? I don't want Duncan and Gwen broken up because I just feel like it, (Well, I do, but lemme finish!) it's because they're gonna be all lovey dovey, while the four of us are doing all the work! Duncan and Gwen are so dead when they get back! >:(
Anyways, DJ and Leshawna were talking over breakfast, that we all sat down to, and Harold and I were silently shifting at our rosemary bushels DJ had basically burnt.
He's a good cook, I can't doubt that, but he's not always the best...
"So, Heather, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate Duncan on annoying-ness, 10 being super annoying?" Harold asked me.
I snapped out of it and replied almost immediately, "10, 10, 10!!!" I shouted.
Harold looked at me sheepishly. "Wow you must god-d*mn hate Duncan."
"Sorry-" I cut myself off and clentched my fork. Then I put the weirdest look on my face. The camera man zoomed in on me and laughed.
Surprisingly, Leshawna told off the camera man! Leshawna!! "You get outta that girl's face, dude! She's mean!" I let that slide. "And she realized she said sorry, which IS NICE! So she's freaked out that she was nice for once, which isn't her thing, so shut the f*ck up!!"
Leshawna pursed her lips and went back to eating her burt herbs.
The cameraman had the most priceless look on his face!!

*I had a picture, can't seem to find out how to get it on. Sorry! D:

Just then, Gwen and Duncan ran into the campsite, panting and saying "Sorry!" "We didn't mean to!" "It was his/her fault!" and all that crappy sappy stuff.

- - - - - - - - - -

(Duncan's P.O.V.)
Gwen and I sprinted toward the Screaming Gaffers' campsite, when Gwen suddenly stopped. I was holding her hand, so I fell 'cause of the unexpected stop.
I got up mumbling, "What the heck, Gwen? What happened?"
She didn't reply for about 10, 20 seconds. Then she said,
"Duncan, run."
"RUN." Gwen looked down at me hard and worriedly. "It's Trent. With a spear."

Chapter 17
We ran like all hell had been released.
Trent chased us for a while, but we lost him- and ourselves. Gwen started to cry
"Duncan, we're lost! We'll never get back!!" Gwen snivled. "I just want you to know, th-that I'd rather die with you than without."
"Let Trent try and take you," I told her. "He won't get through THIS wall of awesome!" I smiled at her, and she began to smile back, when someone screamed, "GWEEEEENN!!" and it was Trent, OBVIOUSLY.
Those 5 words, "Duncan is my soul mate", turned me ON. I don't know what got over me, but I grabbed Gwen and kissed her, right in front of Trent.
I pulled Gwen closer, and held her hand and waist, and she wrapped her arms around me.
Nothing in me wanted to stop. Nothing COULD stop me. Nothing.
Well, of course, except for Trent, who has a fully functional spear...
Trent yelled at the top of his lungs, "YOU EFFING B*TCHES, YOU'LL PAY FOR YOUR EFFING GOD-D*MN SINS, YOU HEAR?!?????"
Gwen and I ran. Hell was upon us.
Upon me and Gwen.
It was at least an hour till we shook Trent and found our way back to the campsite, and everyone was pissed. EVEN DJ. O.O We're dead.
Gwen and I started spewing excuses for being so late and sleeping in and being away and all that.
"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???" Heather screamed at us.
Neither one of us had time to have a real response, because Gwen suddenly collapsed. The camera dude zoomed in on Gwen. He called Chris. I started to cry.

Chapter 18
(Gwen's P.O.V.)
I was so exhausted that I collapsed.
The last thing I saw was Duncan's face filled with tears.

(Chris's P.O.V.)
Chef and I were playing poker and watching the monitors of the players, when suddenly I saw one of the players collapse.
I jerked my head towards the T.V. Gwen had gone down, and she wasn't moving.
"What is it?" Chef asked while laying down a diamond flush.
"Sh*t," I muttered. My phone rang.
Gwen still didn't move.
"McClean here, what's the scoop?" I asked the camera guy who called.
He replied, "A girl just fell down."
"I see that..."
"Chris, she's not moving!"
"Chef will bring her to the infirmary right away," I couldn't stop myself from saying. Chef gave me an irritated look. I added, "and don't let any of the other contestants follow Chef! McClean out!" I hung up on the camera guy.
Gwen still didn't move.
"Chef, go get Gwen!" I hounded at him. Chef glared at me and said coldly, "No! Why should I?!"
I snapped at him, "You wanna be sued?! Have thousands of lawsuits?! Have all of the ratings go down? Have all the viewers gehawned-" I cut myself off. I can't even say "gone" in the same sentence as "veiwereeees". UHG! GOD, AGAIN!
"You over react, Chris, man."
Chef replied calmly with a hint of irritation in his voice. "I ain't getting scary goth girl."
I thought for a moment, and thought hard of the scariest thing to be taken away from Chef.
Then it hit me.
"Do you want your Playboys Magazines taken away?" I asked slyly.
I blinked, and Chef was gone.

Chapter 19
(Trent's P.O.V.)
Anger over took me- a little too muc. I made a spear to chase Duncan away from Gwen, but I should've known he was too "brave".
Gwen said Duncan was her soul mate.
Her soul mate.
What ever happened to our relationship? BESIDES ME BREAKING UP WITH HER.
Duncan just pissed me off by kissing her suddenly. He grabbed Gwen's waist and pulled her close- too close.
I shouted (nay, SCREAMED) at them, and they ran. Stupid Duncan always being such a coward.
I chased them for about 10 minutes, then got tired, and said to myself, "Eh, I've had enough."
I walked back to the campsite, got yelled at by Justin, Izzy, and Beth, and then we all just relaxed for a while.
About an hour later, a helicopter, white with a big red plus on it, came speeding over our heads heading north.
Towards the Screaming Gaffers' campsite.
Good, I thought, hopefully Duncan got hit by something hard on his mohawked head.
The medical helicopter sped back by just as quickly, but I could see Chef in the cockpit, and a medical dude tending to someone. I couldn't tell who it was, but just as the helicopter left my field of vision, I saw a flash of midnight-blue hair.
Gwen's hair.

*OKEY DOKE! THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG. Summerization: Gwen's outta comish for 2 weeks, the Killer Grips win, and Harold gets sent home. SORRY!!

Chapter 20

(Leshawna's P.O.V.)
Man, everything's been so boring since Gwen passed out! And since Harold left. Poor baby, we just couldn't find someone to vote off! Wait, why didn't we vote off Heather?! AHHG! Well, we couldn't vote off Duncan, 'cause of his little babe being outta comish and he'd be gone without saying bye to Gwen. Me, well, I did nothing wrong! Why we didn't even notice Heather, well, that was just fricking retarded of us to not vote for HER instead of poor sweet little Harold!
Anyways, Trent left the game (THANK GOD), but in his place was... and this is a bull deal... *shudders* Courtney.
I hear ya.
Duncan: You read my mind.
Heather: No doubt.
Beth: You got my vote.
Lindsay: Cristin is kinda nice!
Owen: She scares me more than Heather!
*You suck, Courtney! >:p*
Ok, anyways, Courtney's been nagging at Duncan like, "Why would you cheat on me?!?" "Why with Gwen?!" "Why are you ignoring me?!" "I'll sue your ass off!!" and such.
And she knows Gwen's still in the game.
Well, during the morning, I was stirring around my over cooked eggs and burnt toast with my team around me.
Everyone was silent.
Suddenly, Chris jumps outta no-where, wearing a mullet wig!!
We all burst into laughter. No one could stop laughing!
Chris snapped, "Shut up and listen, campers!" I shouted, "As Harold would say, 'You mean ex-campers'!"
Chris glared at me and continued, "Today's movie genre-" he didn't continue, because he suddenly stopped, froze, and fell over. Red stuff was oozing down his back.
Chef stood behind him, with a knife (A REAL KNIFE) with the same red stuff on it.
We all sat stunned in our seats.
Chris sat there, like a statue. Motionless.