6th Grade
Duncan's P.O.V.
Ahhhg the school dance is coming up. I HATE dances. In my team (we have teams at my middle school. I'M ON ORION! :p), your language arts teacher FORCES you to ask someone, or they ask out your crush FOR you! Well, I basically have two crushes, but I'm not gonna tell you who they are!
But, an obvious crush is Courtney. She's got a kick ass (gasp, I swore! Big whoop! No teacher is gonna read THIS! >:3) attitude, and her parents got LAWYERS! She keeps saying, "MY PARENTS WILL SUE YOU!" I love when she says that.
Well, I DO have my best friend Gwen... I don't think that Courtney would be a good date to the dance- she'd just boss me around. Me and Gwen are tight. She'd NEVER boss me around.
Hmm... Decisions, decisions...
Oh crap, here comes Gwen, Courtney and Leshawna.
"Hey, Duncan." Courtney says with a smile. Gwen just waves and says "How ya doin', *snickers*, Dunky?" SHIT she's heard Courtney call me that!!
Leshawna just eyes me and mutters, "Delinquent." and I just muttered back, "Mrs. Bear." HEEEHHH she's so fat.
Now's my chance. Who should I ask to the dance............

Gwen's P.O.V.
Ahhhg this is KILLING ME! The dance is coming up, and I have TWO guys I want to ask. Well, I have ONE I want to ask out. Trent. He's so SWEET! But I'm not sure if he'd dance with me like Duncan would. And I am NOT saying I want to go to the dance with Duncan, heh heh, I mean, he's my best friend! Heh heh, no way would I want Duncan to be my date, I think...
Oh great. Courtney, Leshawna and I have been walking in the halls, and we just met up with Duncan.
"Hi, Duncan." Courtney says with a brilliant smile. Duncan will PROBABLY ask her. Not me. :( I mean, er, uh, He'll ask Courtney, and not me, because I'm his best friend! Heh heh, yeah...
Then I just remembered.
"How ya doin',"I snickered. "Dunky?" BWAHAHAHAHA I heard Courtney call him that in the hallways. Courtney gave me an unamused look.
Leshawna muttered, "Delinquent."
Duncan muttered back sarcastically, "Mrs. Bear."
I started to laugh. Leshawna gave me one of her Shut up looks.
Duncan then cleared his throat and gave me a smile. Then, this thing came very surprising to me, he said, "Gwen," and he took my hand, "I think that you are coming to the dance with me."
I almost died inside- he asked ME?!
I said, "Hm, a can-do attitude. No wonder you're my best friend." Courtney gave me an irritated look. I smirked at her, and smiled at Duncan.
"See ya at the dance," I said to Duncan, and left Courtney and Leshawna in my dust.
He asked ME?! I thought. Why would he ask his best friend? Well, I guess Courtney would be too... bossy...
I practically skipped to my next class. VERY un-goth like, but who cares?!

Courtney's P.O.V.
UHG why did he ask Gwen?? I mean, I'm sweet! I'm kind! Aren't I?
"Duncan, she's your best friend, why'd you ask HER instead of ME?" I shouted at him.
Duncan said, "I just knew you were gonna boss me around, that's all." Then he shrugged, and left.
I looked at Leshawna and she said, "She totally likes him."
"What makes you so sure?"
"I saw her face after he said that. She was gonna faint or something!! You can't deny it-" Leshawna said this next part sing-songy. "Gwen's gotta crush on Duncan, Gwen's got a crush on Duncan!"
"Shut up!!" I shouted at her, and stormed off to my next class.

at the dance
Duncan's P.O.V.
Yep, I asked Gwen.
Wait a sec, I ASKED GWEN?! She's my best friend, and I'm going on a DATE WITH HER? Dude, it's 6th grade, what was I thinking?!
The little voice in Duncan's head: You LIKE HER!
TLVIDH: Yes you do!
Uhg, well, I remember just about half an hour ago, my mom was dressing me up in some stupid monkey suit saying, "Duncan, you look so hansom!! Oh, that girl you asked to the dance must be very lucky!" She had eyed my earring and nose ring, but I covered my face and said, "Nuh uh, lady. These stay in."
"Oh, fine." she muttered. "So," she continued fixing my suit and stuff, "who's the lucky girl?"
Oh crap, I thought. I haven't told her I asked my best friend!
"Well, um, she's a girl I know... very well..."
"Hmm, is it that Courtney girl? I like her. Very promising girl."
"No, it's not her... It's someone I knew before Courtney..."
"EW, NO!" I shouted. Cynthia was a gross girl with braces and glasses in the first grade. Like I'd ever ask HER out.
"OK, OK..." My mom muttered.
"So who'd you ask?"
I sat silent for a while.
Then I muttered, "Gwen."
My mom looked at me wide eyed. "HER?!" she shouted. "I mean, uh, your best friend?" Mom said with a forced smile.
"Yes..." I looked at her weirdly. I don't think she likes Gwen. Mom said, "Well, let's get you off to the dance so you can be off with... Gwen..."
She said Gwen like it was some sort of disgusting spice she hardly ever uses for cooking.

- - - - - - - - - -

When we got to the dance, I saw Gwen was already there. And this is all I could say:
She had on a pretty navy-blue dress that went down to her shins, and she was wearing black sandals. I looked at her face. Her hair was in a pony tail. She was wearing the same blue lipstick, but it had little flecks of sparkles in it. Black eye-liner, midnight-blue eye shadow, very light pink blush- Oh God, I almost fell over, but my mom caught me and said, "Wow, honey, she looks beautiful." but then she shouted, "BUT NOT AS BEAUTIFUL AS HER!"
I followed her eyes, and saw Courtney with a slightly ripped skin-tight black leather skirt, with a sleeveless red top, high-heels, red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, pink blush, her hair was in an up-do with waves, and she had on a little tiara. OH GOD, SHE WAS HOT! But Gwen is my date. And she looks hot to! No, she doesn't look hot, she looks beautiful.
I took her hand, waved to my mom (who had the biggest fake smile on her face), winked at Courtney, and entered the gym.
Lights were flashing, songs were blaring out of the speakers, and kids were jumping all around. Leshawna came with scrawny Harold, Courtney came with, um, some dude, DJ came with his pet bunny, Lindsay came with Tyler, I'm pretty sure Cody came with Noah, gay-wads, and that's pretty much it.
Then suddenly, the worst thing possible happened- a slow dance song started to play.
Hoe. Lee. Shit.

Gwen's P.O.V.
Wow, Duncan fell over when he saw me. That's a good sign. I must be really pretty, or really fricking smoking hot! But probably not. COURTNEY looks hot, because I saw Duncan's pupils roll up into his head and he almost fell completely over when he saw Courtney. I think she came with Trent. O.o
Well, we've all been dancing for about a half hour, when a slow dance came on. I saw Duncan's face get all nervous. "Oh shut up and dance with me, pretty boy." I said to him. I grabbed his hand and put my arms around his neck.
Oh God, I'm slow dancing with my best friend. He looked so hansom- no, he looked HOT in this light. He stared into my eyes, I stared into his.
Then Duncan stammered, "You look, b-beautiful, Gwen. You really do." Then he looked away nervously."Thanks..." I said back. We danced there for a while. I put my head on his shoulder. His face went completely blank when I did that. I told him, "Duncan, you'll always be my best friend. You know that, right?" He was silent for a long time. I almost fell asleep, when the song ended, and the other music started to blare into my ears again.
No no NO! I thought. I need to have just one more song with Duncan! I want him to kiss me!
O_O Did I just say I wanted him to kiss me? Heh, what I meant was, was, um, I meant, errr... Oh, I meant I wanted him to, uh, miss me! Yeah yeah, that's it, miss me, heh, yeahhhh.....
Courtney glared daggers at me. GOD this must be making her enraged, or really jealous. ^-^

Courtney's P.O.V.
Well, I got really smoking hot for the dance (which my parents did NOT approve of, but hey, a little bit of DANGER never hurts! Besides, danger IS kinda hot...), and got a pretty good reaction from Duncan- he almost fainted!
In the gym, when the slow dance came on, Duncan and Gwen danced together. UHGG! I came with this stupid guy named TRENT for nothing!
I said to Leshawna, "What does Duncan see in that goth girl?!" She snickered, "Ohh, looks like someone's jealous!!"
"Shut it!" I hissed.
I grabbed Trent's arm and danced with him. "You're doing it all wrong!" I said to him."Sorry!" He whispered.
GOD why do I always have to be the leader??
"Uhg, just go get me some punch, Trent." I snapped at him.
"Yes, Courtney." He murmured.
I saw Gwen put her head on Duncan's shoulder. UHHHGGG When will this night end?! Gwen doesn't deserve Duncan, I do!!
The loud songs began to blare through the speakers again, and Gwen jumped. WAS SHE FALLING ASLEEP ON MY MAN'S SHOULDER?! Trent came back with my punch. "Thank you, Trent." I said loud enough for Duncan to hear. He looked at me, shook his head, and went back to talking to Gwen. She looked hurt. Not like, OMG MY ARM IS BLEEDING SOMEONE HELP ME! Like, emotionally hurt. Duncan was TRYING to comfort her. I think.
I kissed Trent on the cheek. "You're sweet." I said loud enough this time for both Duncan AND Gwen to hear. Gwen's face burned with embarrassment and rage. Duncan rolled his eyes at me and hugged Gwen tight.
Leshawna grabbed my arm and shouted, "What the heck?! Do you SEE what you're doing to Gwen, look at her!!" I looked over at Gwen and she was crying really hard, hugging Duncan tight.
I looked at Leshawna. "So?" I asked.
Leshawna's mouth hung open for a while, then she shook her head, said bye to Harold, and left the dance. It WAS almost time for the dance to end.
Well, I said bye to Trent, gave him a kiss, ticked off Duncan a little by doing that, and left. Revenge is SWEET!

the next day
Gwen's P.O.V.
Courtney kissed Trent. Not cool. =.=
Well, I slow danced with Duncan for about four minutes, that was cool. No, that was great. When I put my head on his shoulder, I felt like it was supposed to be there. I can't believe he didn't pull away, or run away, or shy away, or not dance- he really did want to slow dance with ME.
I ran out of my 4th period class, opened my locker, and looked at all the stuff in there.
Text books, notes, pencils, papers, drawings (of Duncan, me, Trent, Courtney, Leshawna, me and Duncan- n-not of us, like, KISSING or anything! Ah hehehehehehehhehh...), binders, all that school crap. I poked a wrist band that was black and plain. Nothing on it. I wonder if Duncan would like this. I thought. When I closed my locker door, there was Duncan, smiling at me.
"Still rocking the fohawk, I see." I said as I pointed to Duncan's mini-mohawk. Duncan crossed his eyes to look at my finger. "Gwen..." He said. "I really did like dancing with you last night. And I, erm, uh, kinda, uh..." his voice drifted off.
"What?" I asked laughing a bit. "This is very un-delinquent like of you, Dunky."
"Don't call me that, woman!" Duncan said. I laughed.
"Look," Duncan continued. "what I'm trying to say is... I, I liked it when you put your head on my shoulder. I felt like, like, it was, was-"
"supposed to be there..." we said together, our voices fading.
I looked into his eyes.
He looked into mine.
Then, VERY unexpectedly, he grabbed my arm with one hand, and grabbed the back of my head, and kissed me. He, kissed, ME. I sat there dumbfounded.
The kiss lasted about three seconds, because I heard Courtney shout, "GET YOUR CREEPY-GOTH-GIRL LIPS OFF OF MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!" and Duncan and I were both tackled.
Courtney grabbed my arm and shouted in my face, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH DUNCAN?!" All the kids in the hall gasped. Courtney Evans? Swearing? This was very unheard of in Regal Lansword Middle School. Dumb middle school name, right? AH of topic.
Then Ms. Applesworth came out and yelled, "MS. EVANS! Did I hear a cuss come from those beautiful, poised lips?!" Yep, Courtney's a teacher's pet. Courtney glared at Ms. Applesworth. "Yes, Ms., because my... friend here kissed my boyfriend!!"
"Boyfriend?!" Duncan and I shouted at the same time. Kids around us went "Oooooo!!!"
Apple (that's what I call Ms. Applesworth) said, "KISSING?! IN 6TH GRADE?! IN THE LOCKER BAY?!"
I sighed. This was the end of MY life. But, once again, unexpectedly, Duncan said, "Gwen didn't kiss me." We all looked at him. "I kissed her." Courtney gasped. Leshawna, a few other girls, and I had to hold Courtney back from tearing Duncan to shreds. Apple yelled, "DUNCAN PHILLIPS, TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!!" Duncan looked at me once, winked, mouthed, "See ya, sunshine." and followed the teacher to the depths of the school we call the attendance office.
Now, a bunch of girls and Leshawna had to keep Courtney back from tearing ME to shreds! HOLY SHIT!

Duncan's P.O.V.
I'll do ANYTHING for Gwen. She's not going to the principal's office on MY watch! Well, I've been down there multiple times- what's one more time gonna do? Get me thrown in jail? Heh, that's already happened to me. TWICE! :D