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Article by mastertj87 posted over a year ago
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O.k. fans, so far all that i've heard about was how big season 5 is and how it's coming out this year. However, the only thing I havent heard about was who's going to be on TDAS. All that I've gotten was a few sites on confirmed characters. And not one thing mentioned about Trent being on the list. Though I know I'm supposed to be a TxG fan, let's face it. To me, it looks like Trent and Gwen are never ever getting back together. I know that I shouldn't loose all hope on the both of them but it's not our decision on who's in and who's not. It's up to the producers to decide not us. I really hate to drop the bomb on everybody that is a TxG fan but you know the expression, the song remains the same. After all, nobody really knows what happend after they got home from the world tour competition. Or what happend before season 5 stepped in. Therefore, I'm writing a whole story again about what I believe really happend after TDWT. Some of you may or may not like it anyway. Infact, all of you GxT fans may hate me after you read the story. I don't care, I just want you fans to understand that if a person looses their true love for someone else. Then thatt person must move on with his or...
Opinion by KARIxTRENT posted over a year ago
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it was afternoon and trent was polishing his motorcycle until he saw his reflection in it.
he finnaly saw his reflection he sighed and asked himself 'why am I not good enough for gwen..?'
he got angry and knocked it over then sighed.
he was still pyscho,obessed with 9. he went to a consilor but it didnt work.he needed someone to take the place in his heart. he often said 'I thought me and gwen had something,but boy was I wrong!'
then one day he snapped out of it,and looked at it like this 'well atleast I am free now.'
he took his mind off relationships for a while and just did what he did best:playing guitar,just being a cool guy,and riding his motorcycle.althought he was still letting it burn he got his mind off it for a while. then his dad started bugging him to be an accountant again and he repeatadly said 'NOT-IN-THIS-LIFETIME!'
total drama action,and total drama island to him faded for a while.
List by KARIxTRENT posted over a year ago
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1 fan
1.'I hate gwen,I hate 9.'
2.'why should I care about anyone else?'
3.'gwen we are THROUGH!'
4.'I hate playing guitar.'
breaks guitar
'I wanna play piano.'
5.I would date a flake like kelsy.'
6.sigh I NEVER liked gwen.'
7.I loved the way gwen dumped me on national tv.'
things he might say:
1.yeah I guess I miss gwen.'
2.I cant belive gwen dumped me.'
3.am I really crazy?'
well I'm not izzy nuts!'
4.I am such a cool guy.'
puts on shades.
things he would say:
it's my lucky number.
2.I love to play guitar.