~Dawn's POV~

I was really still mad at both Scott and Dakota. So I decided to take manners into my own hands. I was about to do something I never wanted to do. I was going to yell at Dakota for what she did. So I walked up to her.

Me: Dakota don't think that you can do it with my boyfriend and get away with it like... wait did you have your baby already?

Dakota: No, I got into a car accident. I was fine but it killed the baby.

Now how could I do this. I felt so bad, and I just screamed at her. So I walked away. I had to tell Scott, but what if he gets all affectionate. So I was gonna tell Zoey instead. I looked all over for her. Then finally I came across the garden on the roof top. I found Zoey crying near the flowers. What was today? National cry day?

Me: Whats the matter Zoey?

Zoey: It's Mike, well Veto actually. I try to help control his MPD but it's hard.

Me: What happened?

Zoey: Well I was walking towards Mike's locker to give him this watch I bought him. He was walking the other way, and I guess his shirt got caught on his locker. Off went the shirt and out when the Veto. I tried to put it back on when he said "Eh pasty get aways from the Veto, yo Annemaria we goes some work todo"

Me: Oh I'm sorry.

I walked away. I had a feeling that the next one up for heart break was me...