~Scott's POV~

I heard the bell from the lobby ring. I clicked the button to see the camera. It was my papi. I missed him. My mom wasn't there. Oh well. Papi was more understanding. I waited for him to get upstairs. I pulled Dawn by her sleeve to come out here. She looked really pale, but then again she always did. I tapped my foot. I was nervous. He was gonna throw her out. I opened the door. Papi stood there with his stern look. Dawn and I passed a glance at one another.

Me: Welcome to my house papi.

Papi: So your the freaky moon child?

Dawn: Yes, I think so at least.

Papi pushed me out of the way so he could speak with Dawn.

Papi: Scotty let me talk to your gal -pulls Dawn's sweater- alone.

I walked out of the room. This isn't exactly how I planned things to go. Dawn couldn't lie. She would be thrown out the window by papi. Or worse, he would bring me back home.

~Dawn's POV~

Papi: So what's your name?

Me: Dawn.

Papi: Like the early morning?

Me: Yes.

Papi: I hate the early morning.

Me: Oh. What did you want to talk to me about?

Papi: How much rent 'cha pay here?

Me: None.

Papi: Interesting. Now why'd Scotty take you in?

Me: It's a long story.

Papi: Thats kay gal. I have all day.

Me: Well it started out that I brought him something he left on the island. A shark tooth. I gave it to him, and we uh kissed. Then he made into a necklace for me. I fell asleep with it on, and it kind of scared my neck and made it bleed.

I continued onto the whole story. Of everything that happened.

Papi: I want you out of my son's house ! RIGHT NOW !

~Scott's POV~

I ran out of the room. It was time to face papi.

Me: Dawn do not move. Papi this is my house, er apartment and I want Dawn here. It's my option not yours.

Papi: Well I pay for this house. So both of you can go live on the streets. I'm stopping the payments. Have fun outside.

He laughed and walked out the door. Now I felt really bad for knocking Dawn up. We can't raise a kid on the streets. But I had a plan.