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Teaching Darkness Wall

MephilesTheDark said …
>:( RaeLogan's computer is busted...

Oh well, at least she can still write Teaching Darkness on her iPod. ^_^ Posted over a year ago
MephilesTheDark said …
“It’s about rabbits…”

“I know…”

“Rabbits trying to find a new hole to live in…”

“I think you’d like Fiver… he’s a pretty interesting character…

“I can’t believe I have to read a book on rabb-”

“YES!” Shadow snapped. “There are rabbits in this book! Just read it!”

Mephiles was taken aback by the reaction, and his ears flattened as he buried his nose in the book. A long pause and he said: “Bunnies?” Posted over a year ago
-BlazeTheCat- commented…
I LOVE THAT PART! over a year ago
JayCee-the-Dog commented…
That part was kinda funny. XD over a year ago
MephilesTheDark commented…
ROTFL! xDDDDDD over a year ago
MephilesTheDark said …
I <3 Teaching Darkness.
I <3 Capgrass.
I <3 RaeLogan.

NOTHING CAN STOP MY FANISM! *jumps up and down for a while like an idiot* NOTHING, I TELL YOU! Nyahahahaha! Posted over a year ago
hello222 commented…
NOTHING WILL STOP MY CRAZY FANGIRL WAYS! *jumps out the window like a idiot* NOTHINGggggggggggggggg...... Gggggg...... *dies* XP over a year ago
MephilesTheDark commented…
O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; over a year ago
MephilesTheDark commented…
OwO over a year ago