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Fan fiction by TeamPeeta649 posted over a year ago
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Warning: Strong sexual situations in graphic detail. For those who are not devoted yaoi lovers and intense pervs, proceed with caution.

Note: In the previous installment of Death the Kid X Crona I had already written the love scene in a different context with a very different dialogue. I had forgotten about the previous one and after I had successfully completed this part’s scene I realized my mistake. However, I myself prefer this love scene a great deal more. You are free to read it to your heart’s desire and interpret whichever version you like as the real one. Enjoy!

The previous night…
Death the Kid pinned Crona up against the wall as they were locked in the fiery passion of their kiss. He lifted Crona off the ground and push up his robe to his stomach so he could wrap his legs around his own waist. Kid used the wall to keep Crona up as he tangled his fingers in the other boy’s light pink hair.
Crona moaned and leaned his head to the side as Kid kissed his neck. This was almost like a dream; it was too good to be true. Crona had never imagined that what he’d been desiring for longer than he could remember was...
Fan fiction by TeamPeeta649 posted over a year ago
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Warning: Contains some mild yaoi. It's not hardcore, but it's descriptive.
Note: Reading the lyrics to the song is not required, but I felt that the song went very well with this whole part of the story

Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney

Maka grabbed the key to the handcuffs off of the floor and scooted over closer to Kid and Crona. “I think you’re on good enough terms to be let go…”
Crona blushed and looked away from everyone else. Ragunarok smacked his meister on the head repeatedly while yelling at him, “What’s wrong with you?! Laying there and taking that sort of thing?! I’m here too you know! You don’t just get to do whatever you want!”
Maka got the cuffs unlocked and took them off. “There. You’re both free.”
Crona pushed himself up off the floor and quickly grabbed his things. He fumbled with his shoes as he pulled them on but he was soon out the door.

[i]~I don't want another pretty face
Fan fiction by TeamPeeta649 posted over a year ago
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Warning: This is yaoi-boyXboy. If you don't like it then don't read it and don't give negative criticism solely based on the fact that it's yaoi.

Crona walked out of the DWMA and headed towards Maka’s house. She had invited him over to stay the night, but she had told him to go ahead on his own to the house because she had something to speak to the professor about. He let himself inside and nearly tripped over a bag that was laying in the entryway.
“Whoops! Sorry Crona!”
Crona looked up at Black Star who was standing over him. He gazed around the room and saw that all his friends were there; everyone except for Maka.
When Kid noticed that Crona had arrived he began to feel nervous again. “I didn’t know he was coming.”
“Of course, he’s one of our friends, isn’t he?”
“We know you guys are having issues, but-"
"We’re not having an issue, Patty!!!” Kid cleared his throat. “W-Why would you think that we’re having issues?”