Andrew's Mugshot. Booking Date: December 29, 2010
Yes, It's True. Andrew (Featured Only In Jenelle's 16 And Pregnant Episode) Was Arrested! But Why? Here's What I Found Out...

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans‘ son’s father Charles Andrew Lewis spent 17 days behind bars for not paying child support for his son Jace Evans. On Dec. 29, Charles was picked up by the Randolph County, N.C.’s Sheriff’s Department and placed into custody after a warrant was issued for his arrest.
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Charles has had outstanding warrants for his arrest in Brunswick County, N.C. since Feb. 22, 2010 when he failed to pay $824 to Jenelle for the care of their 1-year-old. On Sept. 29, another order was filed overriding the initial warrant. This time, Charles owed $2,079.67 as of Sept. 27 in overdue child support to Barbara Evans, because Charles and Jenelle had signed over temporary custody of Jace to her on June 10. got our hands on the legal documents and learned that the Sept. 29 order reads: “The defendant has not complied with prior Orders of the Court and is in willful Civil Contempt of this Court [and] that the defendant has no just cause for refusing to pay support or to appear in court as previously ordered. The defendant shall be incarcerated indefinitely or until total arrears are paid in full.”

With the warrant for his arrest still in full force, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department arrested and placed Charles in jail on Dec. 29. On Jan. 4, Charles was moved to the Brunswick County Jail where he remained until Jan. 14, when he paid $1,250.00 to Barbara and Jenelle in order to be released from jail.

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By Jan. 20, it was noted that Charles didn’t owe Barbara anything in back support. But he still does have to pay for future care of the boy. Since Feb. 1, Charles has been required to make monthly child support payments in the amount of $356 per month.

He tells that he has set up “an account for [Jace's] college and an account just for his child support to be taken out every month so I won’t worry about missing a payment [again].” Good idea! It looks like he learned his lesson behind bars.

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