It was just another beautiful summer day in the Hall, the Justice Leaguers had gone out, 18 year old Dick Richard John Grayson was put in charge until they came home, but when they came back, they saw a huge mess & blamed the mess on him.

the poor boy knew that he didn’t make this mess & tried to protest his innocence, but the Leaguers didn’t believe him, Dick was spanked by Bruce as punishment & the young Grayson boy started to cry loudly.

but meanwhile in Dick’s 3 brothers’ room, Jason, Tim & Damian were playing Go Fish when suddenly, they heard their oldest brother crying & went to see what in America’s name was going on.

Then they saw the mess that someone had made, then they saw Bruce spanking Dick & their brother was crying so hard that his cheeks & eyes were bright RED!

But remembering that they had made this awful mess, they knew that they were the ones to blame, not Dick.
so they told the Justice Leaguers what had really happened.

the 3 boys bowed their heads in shame as they told the Leaguers & their father the truth, then they looked up at Bruce & promised him to clean up the mess.
But then, the rich billionaire looked at his little angel of a son Dick who was crying, he hugged him & said soothingly to his oldest child as he stroked his son’s ebony black hair & cuddled him close,”Aww Dickie: I’m so sorry…Daddy’s poor sweet little angel!”

Poor Dick sobbed into his father’s shoulder & soon he felt better enough to forgive his parental guardian for his misunderstanding…suddenly, Bruce decided to give Dick a little something special.

just to prove that he had been innocent: so he gave his sweet little angel his mint chocolate chip bomb cake left over from his 18th birthday from years ago,
But when he was about to eat his cake, he saw his 3 brothers, they seemed upset…it just broke his heart to see them like this.

he knew that his brothers were the ones responsible for the mess, but he decided to forgive his brothers & forget what had happened.

but looking down at his leftover mint chocolate chip bomb cake he had a great idea…he decided to give them a piece of his left over cake.

besides, it was the right thing to do after all they’d gone through together, he stood up, walked over to his brothers & took the plate over to where his brothers stood, hanging their heads in shame.

But when Jason Tim & Damian looked up, they saw their big brother coming over with his leftover birthday cake on his plate.

they looked at Dick in surprise, the young boy winked at his brothers: it was just a surprise that he would give them a piece of his leftover birthday cake.

But Dick insisted that his brothers take a piece of his cake, the boys dug into the leftover mint chocolate chip bomb cake, they were so happy that their brother was giving them a piece of his cake…

but when the other Justice Leaguers came into the room, they saw the 4 brothers digging into Dick’s leftover 18th mint chocolate chip birthday cake.
Don't cry, Mushu!!!!!!!!!