Allright, for all you Starfire fans out there, im going to tell you everything i know about the mysterious princess from the planet Tamaran. You may be surprised what you learn:

Alter Ego: Koriand'r
Occupation:Adventurer(comic book lingo for Super hero), Princess of Tamaran,part time Model
Known Relitives:Myand'r(Father), Luand'r(mother), Komand'r(sister-Older), Ryand'r(Brother-younger)
Group Affillation:Teen Titans, Outsiders
Base of Opperation: Earth
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26
Hair: red-auburn
Born the second child of the ruling family of Tamaran, Kory was given the right of ascension of the throne over her older sister, Komand'r. This was because of Komand'rs childhood sickliness. Before i tell you more about Star, i have to tell you about Backfire.

"On my Home planet, even a new born child can expiriense the unbrdal joy of flight!" Starfire yells at Raven in the episode Switched. This is true. Tamaranians are born with the abbility to convert solar energy into flight power. Princess Komand'r, unfotunatly, was not though. She was NOT happy about this. When Starfire was born, and she was able to fly acceptionly well. Thus began the rivalry and hatred(on Blackfires part) that forever soured the two tamaranians sisterly relationship.

When Tamaran was under attack by the Citadel, Myand'r sent his daughters to train under Vegas Worlords of Okaara. While there, Kory strived in the arts of warcraft and fighting. On the final day of her training, Kory was to prove her worthiness of graduation to the warlords by winning a battle with a worthy classmate.
Naturally, her opponite was Komand'r. Duribg the battle, Komand'r cheated, pushing kory off her animal and trying to kill her. Eventually, Kory fought back, resulting in Komand'r falling off a large cliff. knowing her sister could not fly, starfire, even though she knew she should, could not let her evil sister die. She swooped down and saved the unconsious body of her older sister.
Komand'r, determined to earn the throne of tamaran, was lying in korys arm. "You should hae let me die, little sister!" Komand'r exclaimed as she again tried to kill starfire. The worlords found this untollerable. right then and there they banished Komand'r from Tamaran and Okaara.Komand'r, having no where to go, took over the alian race known as the Citidel.

Korys happy return home to tamaran abruptly ended when the Citidel attacked on Komand'rs bidding. Komand'r(i love this part. its what the episode GO! is partly based on), announced to King Myand'r that the only way to save his beloved planet was to give up his equally beloved daughter, Koryand'r to Citidel slavery(in the comic, korys wearing the same dress shes wearing when shes about to marry Gurdylsclytch as shes wearing when she was handed over to the Citidel). Kory knew her only chioce was to go, for the sake of her people.

Kory suffered several years of slavery. six,to be exact, years of hard labor, sexual abuse, and dangerous missions. The final year, Komand'r, now ruler of the Citidel, bought her sisters slavory, for she intended to kill her. During the sisters not-so-happy reunion, the scientist race called the Psions. they invaded Komand'rs ship and took both tamaranian princesses capture.

In an experiment, seeing how much soslar power these native tamaranians(wich were apperently hard to find), they exposed both Kory and Blackfire to extreme solar energy. Expecting them to explode within minutes, the girls endured the enormous pain. Komand'r was the first to cry out. Starfire, having gained incredible alian strength over the years, broke free. Engolfed with anger, she found she could concentrate her solar energy and produce powerful blasts of energy from her hands( str and Black are the only one of their kind with starbolts). Again, she saw her sister, pastout, about to die, and though she knew-even wanted to let her die, she could not. she used her new found poer to relese her sister. in her sisters arms again, Komand'r saw an oppertunity."when will you ever learn, sister dear?!" and with that, Komand'r tried yet again to terminate her sister. But kory quickly escaped and flew to the planet she knew as earth.

On earth, she found a group of newly formed Teen superheroes. She asked for their help and of course they did. After defeating some pursuing Citidels, Kory happily joined this band of heroes who called themselfs the Teen Titans.

Starfire returned to Tamaran twice. The first was as Komand'rs prisinor, but was sucsessfully rescued by the combined forces of The New Teen Titans and The Omega Men. The second was at the reuest of her parents. She was to betroth prince Karras of southern tamaran. This was a marrige stictly to mend her planets seems, and it was not out of love. Her boyfriend, Nightwing, could not handle it, and ended thier relationship. Despite the marrige, Komand'r attacked, and took over tamaran. Starfire led a return engadgment and , only to find that tamaran had excepted blackfire as their ruler. Disillusioned, star fled back to earth, leaving her family, her husband and her planet.

And thats starfires history as of 1986. Starfire has much mire stuff happen to her after this, but that woud take a lot of time, that i dont have. Perhaps another time. Starfire was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Hope you enjoyed!