Dick Grayson-Robin art by Jim Lee
My personal favorite character has the most plain and typical history ever. Here it is:
Alter Ego: Richard "Dick" Grayson
Occupation: Adventurer, Student
Known Relitives: John Grayson(father) Mary Grayson(Mother)George Grayson(Uncle) Charles Grayson(cousin)
Group Affiliations:The Flying Graysons, Teen Titans, The outsiders
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Eyes:(beautiful) blue
Hair:(shiney perfect) Black

The Flying Graysons: a family act. Young Dick was 13, and a star performer along side his parents at the circus. One fateful night, his parents were killed. Boss Zucco demanded money, Haly refused(please excuse the lame names, it was, after all, the 1940s) to pay. " we warned you. you wont pay us for protection, then there might just be an "accident" tonight" boss zuccos men warned. Haly refused.
Bruce Wayne: Millianair. Decided to go to the circus. while sitting in the audiance, he wittnessed the murder of John and Mary Grayson. As soon as everyone left, he took action. Batman, at the scene of the crime, comferting the dececeds son.
Dick Grayson: Orphan. " im the Batman! i want to help you get those murderers! They put acid on the trapeze ropes! but you cant go to the police--come with me and ill tell you why.". dick didnt know what to do, he went with batman. Batman told him he would stay at his home untill boss zucco was behind Bars.
"take me with you!" Dick exclaimed. batman agrreed. this one time, he thought. Just so he can get his revenge. he made him sware an oath of rightousness."i swear it!" Robin said. And the training begun. Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Trapeze! and Thus Dick Grayson, by the hand of fate, is transformed into that astonishing phenominon that that young RobinHood of today-ROBIN! THE BOY WONDER!
To some up this first chapter of Robins life, he got revenge on the murderers and put them behind bars. in the end, Batman figured he could use a sidkick, and Robin stuck around. that is...until thier first team up:
Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad vs Mister Twister: When the three took off for Hatton Corners, each thoght hed been summoned ti settle some typical "teen-aged trouble"-Never suspecting that theyd be teaming up--to battle a menace that catapulted them into the peril of their lives, when they met MR. TWISTER!!! Of course they sucseeded, but non of them would ever forget that especialy when they needed eachoter when their mentors were under the antithesiss mind control!
the JLA was acting weird. The sidekicks didnt like it. the original three jioned forces with Speedy and Wonder Girl to form the Original 5. when they freed thier mentors from the mind control, they all realised what a great team they made, thus! the TEEN TITANS were born!(sorry, thats from PPG...) Later on, Robin once again becomes the leader of the New Teen Titans with the addition of Changling, Cyborg, Raven, nad Starfire. by that time, Speedy and aqualad had grown out of the teen titans.

This is wher i stop. but i will tell you that Robin becomes Nightwing- in hope to grow out of his title as Batmans sidekick. and yes, right now, Dick is the current Batman. But apperently only until Bruce is found. Damian Wayne( yes, Bruces one and only son) is Dicks Robin. i dont agree with it either, but i swear its true. this all happens after best seller Batman R.I.P.
Night wing has a mullet in the comics
Art by George Perez