hmmm.... what to do.. i really need some inspiration ... aha.... the titans will have no idea what hit them...

*at titans tower*
another glorious day (starfire)
it would be better if i won this game...
jets....turn .... nitro.... yes i won
BOOYA!!! your right star this is a great day!(cyborg)not for me at least awww..(bb)
titans trouble!! (robin) Who in the world would cause trouble on 5:00 am (raven)lets go..(robin)
*after a little while*
i cant believe it was just a wild goose chase!(robin) cheer up man at least now we can just
(robin still mad at himself)nevermind (cyborg)
*AHHHHHHHH!!!!* starfire...shes gone! (robin)

*in slades hideout*
it is no use i will get out of here slade..(starfire) dear child remember thos nanobots i put in your friends before.. well i have re summond them and now their in every person on tamaran.. and this time you are wearing a device that if you destroy you will die .. its your choice child its either the people of tamaran
dies or you will do as i say .. (slade) what do you want me to do? (starfire)
right now i want you to steal a top secret government lazer (slade) where do i get it
(starfire) in wayne industries (slade) *gasp*

*with the titans*
i cant find her its as if she has dissapeared from the face of the earth (cyborg)well keep looking (robin) somthing is stopping me from making psikik contact with her(raven)try harder (robin)dude relax were doing the best we can
we care about finding star as much as you do (bb)
Beep! Beep! theres trouble we can find star later

*at wayne industries*
ok put your hands in the air and (all gasps) starfire! (robin) Starfire Flies away with the lazer...

*back in slades hideout*
you have done well my apprentice (slade)
i have done what you have asked me to do (starfire)good now destroy titans tower!(slade)
never!(starfire)ok then i will kill the people of tamaran (slade) no i will do as you wish (star)

*in titans tower*
there is one exsplanation star has been hypnotized
to join the the dark side (bb) or she can just be pretending to follow some evil villain (cyborg)
no..that time when starfire dissapeared slade kidnapped her and i have an idea whereshe is (robin) is it outside (raven) no (robin) then your wrong (raven)why (robin) cause shes standing or flying right outside (raven) What..whats she doing here ,titans theres trouble outside lets go(robin)

*outside the tower*
starfire what are you doing (robin)i am sorry (starfire)*blasts them* titans go (robin)
(they fight but no one can take the fight seriously)i cant take this anymore (starfire tells them the truth)but eventually she went back to slade..

*back in slades hideout*
i am sorry but i couldnt take it seriously (slade punches her) did you really think forgive you for failing me

(to be continued)