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iloveduncan_tdi posted on Mar 07, 2010 at 02:36PM
i had a dream dat robin had to get surgerys so we go to the prom long storie short we was HOT at the prom ahhhhhh hes hot

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over a year ago starfire421 said…
i had a dream that teen titans was real and i was star but we had to go undercover at a superhero school but no one but us new it was a super hero schooland we all had to were disgizes and recrut new honnerary titans....weird
over a year ago woowie said…
I had a dream I was Sparky (my fancharacter) Lol I was INSANE (Of course!)
over a year ago starfire5555 said…
lol I had a dream where starfire got her adult power's that beat everybody elses powers even raven's and raven got really jealous and hypnotized robin to loving her and on and on and starfire had to kick blackfire and raven's bottom's lol you can probably tell I dislike raven
over a year ago anivet said…
i had a dream where i woke up green and i totally flipped. then i was all like, huh, maybe i can morph like BB. and i couldnt. my life was over, i was kicked out of school cuz i didnt look like my ID and my parents were ashamed trying to get me to bleach my skin, and omg...i cried so hard in there! i know it doesnt have alot to do with TT but hey, i thought i was BB soooo i guess it sorta fits
over a year ago Snowball1172 said…
I had a dream that Robin saved me......BEST DREAM EVER!!!
over a year ago SammyFearest said…
I had a dream that I killed all the Teen Titans.. O_O