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jadebigfan said …
When I was pregnant it was insane everything about me changed. I put my daughter first always .
Teen Pregnancy is not easy but its not impossible <3 (: Posted over a year ago
ima101 said …
It was hard to tell my dad...
Cuz i KNEW he would be dissapointed with me Posted over a year ago
Taylor66 commented…
same here, but its worth it(: over a year ago
ima101 commented…
yeah I hope so<33 over a year ago
captaincat15 commented…
how do i tell my parents? over a year ago
tinytiny_that2 said …
I got kicked out when MY parrents found out....they said they would never forgive me for what I have done to out family....
Maddison needs her Grandparents! Posted over a year ago
Isabelwuvsyou commented…
Its not right for parents to kick their own daughter out' and your daughter needs her grandparents in her life also. over a year ago
tinytiny_that2 commented…
ikr! I was so scared I still am.... over a year ago
Isabelwuvsyou commented…
Your welcome:) over a year ago