This is ugly me
My Name: Tejas Shrirang Kulkarni :D

city where i live: PUNE

Nicknames : Tejo,Teju,ladoo
( and others i Shouldn't mention -_-)

My fav colors:Blue,Green :*

My best friends? : Shah,seha,siri,sini,priya,Surbhi,Keshi,Carla,Naina ,Rahul,dhaval,puja,paula,Dona,Angela,Josh,Divya,My sweetest ana,cheri , Himu and many more

My fav celebrities

My fav singers:

Lady gaga

Lana Del Rey

Taylor Swift


Marina and the diamonds

Miley cyrus

Avril lavigne

Katy perry

celine dion

wait you didn't mention any male singer in that little list?

Because, i don't like any of them , you cutie :P

My fav actors:

Robert pattinson ( ROBBBBBBBY )

Daniel radcliffe( Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy)

Leonardo DiCaprio( Jackkkkkkkkkkk)

Logan lerman(charlieeee)

Chad Michael Murray( Lukeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Paul Wesley (Stefannnnnnnn)

ian somerhalder (Demonnnnnn)

Andrew Garfield ( spidyyyyyyyyyy)

Hrithik roshan

My fav actresses :

Kristen stewart

Emma watson

Kate winslet

Amanda seyfried

Nina Dobrev

Candice accola

Priyanka chopra

My fav food :
i eat EVERYTHING that contain POTATOES in it :D

i love all kind of ice creams

i love all cold things *_*

Am i diet conscious ?:
Hell yeah, i don't wanna get chubby :|

Any bad habits? :

sometimes i drink beer and i smoke, they make me feel awesome :* hehehhehehe
scared ya?
Nope i don't do any bad things ^_^
i mma a good good boy

Do i like studying?

Hmmmmmmmmm yes, i love good grades but i am too lazy to study ;)
IKR!! same as you :D

Do i have some crush or Girlfriend?
answer is NO, you nutjob .

Do i actually lol a lot in real life?
Ummmm no

My celebrity crushes:


Hermione (HP)

Lana Del Rey

Caroline forbes (TVD)

Peyton (One tree hill)

Elena( tvd)

Do i flirt with girls online?

No, no no no just no

Do i dance like crazies?
Only when noone is home

Where do i see myself 10 years after?
in America or England married (?) idkkkk

Am i stupid?

Are you gonna write more crazy articles?

Yes -_-, i bet you enjoyed it

That's all for now pups and kittens

i love cats :*