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May Angels Lead You In. (Clay/Sara)

Ryan&Marissa: Because Of You

I'll be

Collide - romantic movie couples

I will be

Arthur/Gwen - Scared to know I'm always on your mind...

You Found Me Multifandom

Are you gonna be my girl (Puck/Rachel)

little by little (PUCK/RACHEL)

sweet karoline // rachel & puck

puck/rachel - accidentally in love

Puck/Rachel - Heartbeat

All We Are-[Puck/Rachel]

Expectations (Puck/Rachel)

Rachel/Puck-Find A Way

rachel + puck ;; [the scientist]

Rachel/Puck - Two is better than one

apple of my eye; rachel/puck

Multifandom ; Anywhere but here.

Multifandom; Best love.

Before The Worst (Multifandom)

multi-fandom; season of love

Whatcha Say . (Multifandom)

Booth/Brennan : Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now

Booth/Brennan : Anywhere but Here [HD]

Booth and Brennan; Two people become One [The Epic Contest]

Bones~ BB ~ Never Say Never

Booth and Brennan: You found me

Clay & Sarah - - Beautiful Girl

Clay/Sarah - Somewhere over the rainbow

Clay&Sara - Long Way

(One Tree Hill) Clay & Sarah - Cry

Brooke&Lucas - Nothing Compares

Brucas/Leyton - Don't Think of Me

She'll Never Be Me - Leyton VS. Brucas

Cry - Booke and Lucas

Slow Goodbye - Brooke and Lucas

Chemicals React - Brooke & Lucas

BL - Latest Mistake;

Wish you Were - Brooke and Lucas

Jake&Peyton - Cry Me a River

Wishes - Nate/Jenny

Lucas/Peyton: Hit Me Baby

oth naley shattered

Shattered [Edward/Bella]

Soldier (Battle of the Heart) - Booth/Brennan

"I told you I love you"; Only human [Blair/Chuck]

Booth and Brennan || Pieces

Romeo & Juliet // The Vision

Sookie & Eric -Take it all away

Blair/Chuck - Everything

I'll Be Waiting - Lucas/Brooke

Brooke & Lucas - I'll Be Waiting

+ brooke/lucas [i know i shouldn't have kept you waiting]

Cappie & Casey - Ungodly Hour (At World's End)

Cappie & Casey (& Evan) - Waiting

never say never (CASEY/CAPPIE)

casey+cappie; make this go on forever

caseycappie; what are you gonna do cap?

Cappie & Casey - I Shall Believe (The Day After)

Cappie & Casey - Why can't I

Cappie & Casey & Max - The Way I Loved You

before the worst (cappie/casey)

love me when i'm gone; casey/cappie

Cappie & Casey - Catch me

Cappie and Casey-here we go again

Two is better than one (Brooke;Lucas)

Edward&Bella | Wherever you will go

Multi Couples - Two Is Better Than One

Multifandom : Two Is Better Than One

Brooke/Lucas- Here We Go Again

Sawyer;Kate- Shattered

Sawyer & Kate - Shattered

Sawyer & Kate-Falling Slowly

haunted (sawyer/kate)

Sawyer & Kate - hot n cold

Skate Thinking of You

Sawyer;Kate - Collide

Sawyer and Kate - You found me

The Notebook - Allie/Noah - Why Cant I

Sam&Austin | Mary&Joey | Catch Me

Sam & Austin (A Cinderella Story) - You belong with me

Chuck & Blair || 1234

Jake/Peyton-Come back to Me

A Little to Late [Brooke/Lucas]

Chuck;Blair - Black Black Heart (AU)

Coming To Terms // Logan&Veronica

Brucas/Jeyton - Wishes

Brooke&Lucas - Not meant to be

Brooke & Lucas - Breathe*

Brooke/Lucas (Sexy Bitch)

Lucas/Peyton; Breathe Me

Lucas/Peyton - "The Shattered Ones"

You're My Mess; Leyton

Clark/Lois: Never Say Never

Eyes on Fire - True Blood - Eric/Sookie

Izzie&Alex // EVERYTHING

Brooke & Lucas - Shattered

You found me [Jake&Peyton]

Chuck & Blair - Here with me