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you feel like paradise (multicouples)

my life would suck without you | chandler&monica

"You are my lobster.." (Ross/Rachel)

Brooke/Lucas; Do You Remember?

Damon&Elena - Too long we've been denying

hang you up | noah&allie

brooke&lucas 'i'll be there at the end of the day...'

Ryan & Marissa || For Blue Skies

Damon & Elena : Shot in the Dark [HD]

Breathe in Breathe out

The Notebook | Baby, you're all that I want... [TUVO]

We had a devine sense; (Vidlet)

[dan + blair] a pretty sweet pill that I'm swallowing down

Brooke&Lucas// Letters From the Sky

"you know what else is undeniable? the pain this fork is gonna cause when i jam it into your eye!."

angel `

Beside you Collab

Multifandom || Boston

you got wires ll piper/leo

Ron & Hermione - She is love

{OTH} Julian & Brooke- He Loves That Girl {8x13}

Brooke&Lucas - Everything

brooke davis & lucas scott - the wedding // boston

where we belong | jake&peyton

All or N o t h i n g ; ♡ {YGT

Logan and Veronica - Find a Way

Multi - fandom || Hate - Love ( YGT )

Brooke & Lucas - Happy Ending

Saying Things We Haven't - Multi-Fandom

'Cause I'm looking at you through the glass

Multifandoms 'We are the lucky ones...'

multifandom | how you remind me

Piper Halliwell & Leo Wyatt - Dreamer

Multifandom - Teenage dream

multi-fandom; roll the dice

You Found Me (Multifandom collab)

Multifandom || Love The Way You Lie

D/E ▪ B/L ▪ L/V || In My Arms

we'll shine together

multifandom | tribute to forehead kisses

Just the way you are. Multifandom

Far Away {Multifandom}

feel like i'm living a teenage dream

Multifandom - Lost into your eyes

Savin' Me \\ Tyler Caroline \\ 210 { Spoilers}

Bloodstream (Multifandom)

Multi-Fandom // everything

Multifandom (Come on get higher)

Multi-fandom || All This Time

Multi-Couples / my heart stops when you look at me

multi-fandom; all this time.

Finished : Love The Way You Lie Collab

Something Beautiful || Multi-couples

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Multifandom ;; I was thinking bout us, what we gonna be?

Multi-fandom /// To Love a Woman //

I'll Be Wating (Multifandom Collab)

Multi-Fandom | The One

MultiCouple - Just Tonight


you're in my veins (collab)

Nothing in my Way | Multifandom Couples Collab

Multifandom - The perfect two

Saving Me - MultiCouple

Smallville The Climb

Please, tell me...

Multifandom - Happy ending

With Me // Collab

What must we do to restore our innocence?

Multicouples || You found me

Multifandom (Your guardian angel)

futuristic lover || multicouple

I'd walk a thousand miles

Multifandom (The way it ends)

Brooke & Lucas / Ally & Noah - Comparing the two. [PREVIEW]

multifandom - good times gonna come

Love Like Whoa - Multifandom

...She is the words that I can'... '...She is the words that I can't find...' || Multi-Couples

.:'I'm Not Perfect':. - Multifandom

harry/hermione/ron -love the way you lie

Kat/Patrick movie (10 things i hate about you) - What i like about you

Oliver/Emily (A Lot Like Love (movie)) - Brighter than sunshine

Harry/Hermione - Running up that Hill

Harry/Hermione AU - Running Away

Barney/Robyn - She so High (HIMYM)

Only One; Multifandoms

Love Remains The Same-MultiCouple Collab

Thank You For The Music || Multifandom

multi-fandom - radio

Edward-Bella/Stefan-Elena] You are Amazing

multifandom - when I die

multifandom // airplanes

Multi-Fandom; Say When

Multifandom - Fearless

Life Without You - Multifandom Collab

River Flows In You - Multi-Character

Multi-Couples - I wanna fuck you like an animal

i'd come for you (multi-couples

multifandom || "maybe it's all we got, but it's all I need

Multi Couples - The scientist