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Multi Couple- I got you

MULTIFANDOM COLLAB [...If we ever meet again...]

Multifandom collab - Chasing cars

Multifandom - Hold on to me and never let me go

My First Kiss\\Meredith Derek||Stefan Elena\\

Brooke&Lucas • I'll be your sunset

Brooke&Lucas • We belong

Brooke & Lucas - We ain't born typical...

Brooke&Lucas: With Or Without You

(kate + sawyer) / use somebody

Perfect - Brooke & Lucas

Sawyer and Kate- When Your Gone


Meredith & Derek // i never told you {Finale}

Damon and Elena ... use a wish right now ...

Nate&Serena: Come Around

Damon & Elena;; ships

Brooke&Lucas {Perfect}

damon&elena / i desperately need you

Nate and Serena - Heartbeats

Phoebe & Cole - Center of Attention

It is What it is - Serena & Nate

Nate and Serena // Make this go on forever

Nate & Serena - Take Me On The Floor

Puck and Quinn - Center of attention

Hurt Me | Cook&Effy

♥ True Blood - Eric & Sookie - Fresh Blood - HD ♥

Ready To Love | Damon & Elena

Stefan & Elena | Ready to Love

[P]&[Q] - Maybe two is better than one...

"I'd be so good to you" ; (FR/PQ)

Dear Diary..

Damon&Katherine || Love To Hate You

Toxic; Sookie&Eric

Keep Holding on

Multi-fandom - I never told you

Heaven (Little by Little) || Multifandom

Multifandom || It Is What It Is

Multifandom- I'd Come For You

Multi-Couples || Perfect

Multifandom Love Triangles- Running Up That Hill

Multifandom || Find A Way

Multi-Fandom Couples || Find A Way

Multifandom || Back at one

Multifandom - Shattered

Multifandom- Nothing But Love

Multifandom Couples || Look After You

she can get it (cook/effy)

Emily and Naomi // Naomi's Confession [ "Really... I'd Die For You..." ]

Multifandom- Hey, Soul Sister

naomi & emily ; breathe me.

Lucas+Peyton~Feel this mix

*The love that you gave, I'll never throw it away (Jake/Peyton)

Perfect Accident Multi-Fandom Collab

All this time Damon/Elena

Lucas & Peyton; Safe

Damon&Elena.She Will Be Loved

Damon/Elena ; you swear that your love's for me

damon & elena ; set the fire to the third bar

Multi-Fandom:Little Wonder

(Damon/Elena) Stop & Stare

Multifandom: Cosmic Love

Damon/Elena - Angels on the moon

Damon&Elena - I put my arms around you [vidlet]

I'm a cop you are a murderer | Sawyer and Kate

Center of attention | Damon/Elena (1x19)

Need You Now- Multifandom

Multifandom- You Love Is My Drug

Multifandom- It's Only Love

Flowers in the Rain- Naley/Brucas

Multifandom- Belief

Blah Blah Blah || Sexy Couples Collab

Clois & Naley [ I Will Never Let You Fall ]

Multi-Fandom Couples || Breathing Space

Bella & Edward // Down {Deal or No Deal}

Multi-Fandom Couples || Today Was A Fairytale

Multifandom- Somebody To Love

Cook&Effy / Through Glass

Bad Romance Collab | Epic Couples | 35 Couples!

Multifandom- It's Too Late To Apologize

Multifandom Couples - Fireflies

Damon & Elena- Running Up That Hill

Brooke/Lucas : Energy.

Brooke/Lucas -Two is better than one

Brooke/Lucas: Need You Now

Brooke & Lucas " Lips of an angel"

Brooke/Lucas - Careless whisper (Dance with me, 3x22)

Brucas/Sparcy-Careless Whisper

Brucas & Chair- Bigger Than Love

Brooke&Lucas - Shattered [REEDITED]

Multifandom || Forever With You

Down - Diamondsinthesky Collab

Brooke&Lucas ; No air

Heaven (Little by Little) Collab

Multi-Fandom Couples// Too Late


Lucas/Brooke/Julian | When a heart breaks no it don't break even |

Multifandom // Ride

Come Undone {Nathan&Haley//Brooke&Lucas}

Matt and Caroline ; Falling slowly