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Damon/Elena & Matt/Caroline - Crawl

Where The Road Meets The Sun - Matt/Caroline

Real Thing Collab

it's not going to stop / skate

Enchanted; Today Was a Fairytale

Multifandom Couples- Savin' Me

Season Of Love || Multifandom

Multifandom- Love [Happy Valentine's Day]

Naley- What If

Love Today || Multifandom

Multifandom- Breathing Space [Happy Valentine's Day]

Naley- With Me

Multifandom [Remember To Breathe]

Kat&Patrick // "You fill my heart with gladness.." // 10 things I hate about you

When A Man Loves A Woman ♥ [Multi-fandom]

I Belong To You ♥ [Multi-fandom]

Tristan & Isolde | Blue Skies

Noah & Allie | I Lay Down On The Cold Ground

Spark {Sawyer;Kate}

Brooke & Lucas | Fireflies

Multi-fandom Love song requiem [Happy St. Valentine s Day!]

Multifandom- Anywhere But Here

MultiFandom// Good Girls Go Bad

Nathan/Haley - Heaven

Naley - First Time

Sawyer;Kate l Hell Around The Corner

Sawyer and Kate / Bring me to life

Made for this (Jack/Kate/Sawyer AU)

I'm Miles From Where You Are- Multifandom

Hanging By A Moment | Multi-Fandom Couples

miles from where you are; (mary/john)

brooke&lucas • miles from where you are

the first one is the wrost one

Have You Ever II Multifandom

time traveler's wife | only human

Multifandom // Collide

Multifandom- I Never Told You

Naley - Santa Monica

Naley- Set The Fire To The Third Bar

Naley & Brucas- Brighter Than Sunshine


URA Fever [Sawyer/Kate]

Huddy Ain't born typical (URA FEVER)

[p] & [r] | Say When

[p] & [r] | we ain't born typical

Brucas || Today or a couple other days

Multifandom :: Set The Fire To The Third Bar

Multi-Fandom || It All Comes Down to One

Good Girls Go Bad [Maddison]

Mark and Lexie | Pieces

Mark and Lexie | Beautiful Words

Mark & Lexie | Good Girls Go Bad

Mark and Lexie | Ungodly Hour

Leyton - I will love you

Multifandom- She's The Kind of Girl

Multifandom- What If


Alex/Mason: Wish You Were

Alex/Mason: It Takes More

Brooke&Lucas | It won't hurt so much

Cappie & Casey - Keinen Zentimeter (Not a single centimeter)

Leyton- Run

Frozen || Nathan and Haley

''First time'' (Will & Emma)

Multi-fandom - Today Was A Fairytale

BAD ROMANCE; Multifandom

Ryan/Taylor - Fireflies

"Look after you" ;; Jacob & Bella

Innocence (Jacob/Bella)

New Moon // I Need You Baby

if I could be all you wanted...|| jacob & bella

Storm - Edward/Bella/Jacob

JACOB+BELLA -- "it's because of him right?"

Jacob & Bella - X&Y //She became my best friend//

Serena/Nate/Dan || Thinking of you

Nate;Serena || Who am i to say

Nate/Serena || You make me Crazier

Serena & Nate - So not over you

Nate/Serena/Tripp According to you

lucas/peyton/jake - according to you

Brooke/Lucas - Smile

Julian/Brooke/Dean [Brean/Brulian] - (VENTING)

bad romance (chuck;blair)

Nathan & Haley - Missing You

Multifandom- By Your Side

Glee (FQ & PR)

Multi-Fandom: I Wanna Touch You

The Mess I Made- Brucas/Jeyton

Multifandom- Jump Then Fall

Blair and Chuck- Take it off

Nate/Serena & Chuck/Blair- Love Story

Leyton- Slipped Away

Leyton - Shattered

Multifandom- Flowers for a Ghost

Life After You || Naley & Leyton

Bubbly || Brooke&Lucas ♥ Dan&Serena ♥ Stefan&Elena

Chuck/Blair- Insane

Chuck/Blair- My Immortal

Blair and Chuck- First Time

Chuck and Blair// Stripped