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You're the one - Lucas/Brooke

Lucas & Peyton - I wish you never had

Brooke|Lucas ;; Well you're a hot mess & I'm falling for you.

Multifandom | Look After You

Supernatural - [Dean/Jo] - It's Not Hard to Fall...

Brucas-Shoot From The Hip

Lucas/Peyton; Always be my baby

[OTH] Peyton/Lucas; the end where i begin

One Tree Hill - Lucas/Peyton - And Her Fiancee Proposed to Me First

Lucas & Peyton Beautiful Girl

leyton the best years of our lives

Lucas/Peyton - Angels On the Moon

Lucas/Peyton - Because You Loved Me

Lucas/Peyton - Be Kind Rewind

Lucas;Peyton || Look after you

lucas&peyton // Two is better than one...

i'm alright (brooke/lucas)

you won't find this (brooke/lucas/peyton)

Brooke/Lucas - "you cry when he's not looking"

Mind In The Gutter (Brooke/Lucas)

brucas;; everytime you smile, i smile

A walk to remember trailer - One Tree Hill style

The Time Traveler's Wife (OTH: Brooke/Lucas Style)

The Time Traveler's Wife Trailer - Lucas and Brooke Style

In Your Arms // Blair & Chuck ; Lucas & Peyton

Brooke/Lucas: Like A Knife

not meant to be; puck&quinn

Puck and Rachel (Glee) - Find a way

keep me hangin' on // puck&quinn

(Q)uinn/(P)uck - Find a Way

Puck/Quinn - Love Song Requiem

Glee ~ Puck/Quinn ~ All At Once

Home || Sawyer ♣ Kate

What If The Storm Ends? | Sawyer&Kate

Find A Way | Sawyer & Kate

Sawyer and Kate Down

[Brooke&Lucas] "Cause you can shake it, yeah you know what to do."

P/Q: I Forgot What Love Is

Brooke/Lucas: Someday When I Stop Loving You

Sawyer And Kate - The Journey (Season Two)

Sawyer And Kate - The Journey (Season Three)

Titanic - I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?

Meteor Shower (Abby/Connor)

Jay & Manny - Dancefloor anthem

Jay/Manny/Craig Thinking Of You

white horse(manny santos)

Emma/Sean- All Fall Down

Jay & Manny - Poker face

Jay/Manny: Even Angels Fall

Brooke and Dean-She Don't want the world

Lucas/Brooke - Into Your Arms

OTH | Brooke & Lucas - Right Round

Brooke/Lucas - Fearless

Brooke/Lucas: Save You

Brooke/Lucas- I will be

Brooke and Lucas- Inside Out

Brooke and Lucas - Whatever it takes

Brooke/Lucas: She Has No Time

Brucas-Feel This

Boston ; Brooke/Lucas

Lucas&Peyton ; All we are

Brooke & Lucas - Make This Go On Forever

brucas | knock you down

Brooke & Lucas // Bedshaped

something in the way; jake/peyton

Down (Brooke/Lucas)

Logan&Veronica[LoVe]- Before The Worst

we ain't born typical;SKATE.

serenate; ura fever

Eric and Sookie - I Hate Myself For Loving You

Sookie and Eric [Trueblood] Thinking of You

Brooke/Lucas ; I'm a fever, you are a fever.

Snippet Contest Entry


. Tim & Lyla . Friday Night Lights .

anywhere but here (dean/haley)

i need you (brooke/sam)

[Tim&Lyla] "Hoping that I'll find what I've been chasing"

Tim & Lyla- Find a Way

The Mess I Made // Tim & Lyla

closest to heaven // friday night lights // couples

all i need // tim & lyla

MultiFandome Couples:: All The Right

The Meadow | Lucas and Peyton

Jake&Peyton [Lucas] - Whatcha say [3x21] vidlet

Break The Ice (Brooke/Lucas)

It's Christmas In Their Hearts

Jake/Peyton [OTH] - Moments Like This

Chuck/Blair; don't say.

Lucas & Peyton - Beside You

Edward & Bella - Broken

Brooke/Lucas | Hot Mess

Multi fandom - Gravity

9 Crimes- Finn/Quinn (/Puck/Rachel)

MULTIFANDOM---Angels on the moon

Never Fall Away [Richard/Kahlan]

(500) Days of Summer- Seth/Summer

Find A Way - Jacob/Bella

Bella [Edward] - SOS [New Moon]

Winter Song - Arthur/Gwen (Merlin)