Television NEW ROUND IS OPEN: TV Friendships: 20in20 Icontest Round 3: Deadline December 25th

lostandhp4ever posted on Oct 04, 2012 at 11:43PM
I love making icons for theme contests if I have enough time. And I just wanted to try one of those contests myself.

Probably you know how it works, just in case the rules:

1.) I´ll give you 10 different themes, a category (1 theme for 5 icons) and you make 5 icons of your choice.

2.) You sign up for a friendship to make icons for. The friendship can be involved by more than two characters. (For example: Buffy, Xander and Willow) and can be from any show you want.

3.) You have 20 days to make 20 icons and your icons must be completed and posted by the deadline.

4.) All icons must be squared and no animated icons.

5.) You can't post the same icon twice.

6.) No cheating!


Participating: 1 prop
Second Place: 2 Props
Theme Winner: 3 Props
Category Winner: 5 props
Artist's Choice Winner: 5 props


Round 1: Deadline November 5th

1. Quote Winner: link
2. Frame Winner: link
3. Colorful Winner: link
4. Actors/Actresses Winner: link
5. Heart Winner: link
6. Happy Winner: link
7. Mysterious Winner: link
8. Tears Winner: link
9. Filmstrip Effect Winner: link
10. Blend Winner: link

Category: Summer - 5 icons Winner: link
Artist´s Choice: - 5 icons Winner: link

Round 2: Deadline November 26th

1. Initials Winner:
2. Rotate Winner:
3. Pink Winner:
4. Black & White Winner:
5. Catchphrase Winner:
6. Split Winner:
7. Outside Winner:
8. Circle Winner:
9. Hug Winner:
10. Shooting/Promo Winner:

Category: Red - 5 icons Winner:
Artist´s Choice: - 5 icons Winner:

Round 3: Deadline December 25th

1. Blue Winner:
2. Silly Winner:
3. Back Winner:
4. Full Body Winner:
5. Thrilling Winner:
6. Pose Winner:
7. Disappointed Winner:
8. Hands Winner:
9. Purple Winner:
10. Eyes Closed Winner:

Category: Christmas - 5 icons Winner:
Artist´s Choice: - 5 icons Winner:

Round Three Signups

roryanddean16 - Sherlock & John
kari91 - Aria & Spencer - COMPLETED
EllaBlack - Gillian & Cal
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