Television 10 Couples You Most Passionatley Ship!

ilurvedward posted on Oct 13, 2008 at 01:08AM
what are your favorite ships?
if you can't make it to 10, just list the couples you are most die hard for!

i figured i should post mine too....

1. Booth/Bones (Bones)
2. Huddy! (House)
3. John/Cameron (T:SCC)
4. chuck/sarah(Chuck)
5. bill/sookie (TB)
6. Buffy/Angel (BVS)
7. Dan/serena (GG)
8. Olivia/Elliot (SVU)
9. Luke/Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
10. Stefan/Elena (VD)

i just realized i am really inconsistant with capitals!!!!:)
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