Television Quote Contest! Round 8: The O.C.

energizerbunny posted on May 21, 2010 at 08:37AM
i thought this would be fun!

ok this is how it works...I name a show, character ect. and you have to post a quote that was in the show I picked or a quote that the character I picked said, after we get enough replies and no more than 6 days, I'll put all the quotes in a pick, and whoever gets the most votes win

The winning person will get 5 props

Rule 1:you can only post one quote per round, if you post 2 quotes, then the first one you posted will be the one that's counted


Round 1:Post a quote from "One Tree Hill"
Round 2:Post a quote from "Supernatural"
Round 3:Post a Quote from "Gossip Girl"
Round 4:Post a Quote from "Friends"
Round 5:Post a Quote from "Grey's Anatomy"
Round 6:Post a Quote from "Lost"
Round 7:Post a Quote from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"
Round 8:Post a quote from "The O.C.

Round 1:Rose2
Round 2:Brittlegirl94
Round 3:Buffyfan92
Round 4:Team_Brooke
Round 5:Eirinaki_b_13
Round 6:Teo_rockeritza

vote here for round 7


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