Television My personal Top 35 TV Characters of the Decade: Which is your favorite?

Pick one:
Abed Nadir ~ Community
Alisha Daniels ~ Misfits
Amy Farrah Fowler ~ The Big Bang Theory
Arya Stark ~ Game of Thrones
Barry Berkman ~ Barry
Carol Peletier ~ The Walking Dead
Cheryl Blossom ~ Riverdale
Dean Winchester ~ Supernatural
Dwight ~ The Walking Dead
Dwight Schrute ~ The Office
Edward Nygma ~ Gotham
Eleven ~ Stranger Things
Helena ~ Orphan Black
Jerome Valeska ~ Gotham
Jesse Pinkman ~ Breaking Bad
Jim Moriarty ~ Sherlock
Jonathan Byers ~ Stranger Things
Jughead Jones ~ Riverdale
Lydia Martin ~ Teen Wolf
Mickey Milkovich ~ Shameless
Mindy Lahiri ~ The Mindy Project
Nick Clark ~ Fear the Walking Dead
Noho Hank ~ Barry
Ophelia Mayer ~ Sweet/Vicious
Oswald Cobblepot ~ Gotham
Roald ~ Letterkenny
Sheldon Cooper ~ The Big Bang Theory
Sherlock Holmes ~ Sherlock
Simon Bellamy ~ Misfits
Simone ~ The Rain
Steve Harrington ~ Stranger Things
Stewart ~ Letterkenny
Stiles Stilinski ~Teen Wolf
Theon Greyjoy ~ Game of Thrones
Troy Otto ~ Fear the Walking Dead
 Bibi69 posted 18 days ago
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