Soon later on when Tenten was pregnant for about 6 months, Neji told her to stay in case she won't be in labor. Lee had to take care of her.

She was being so lazy and cranky.

She yelled every 5 minutes cause she wants slices of Starberry Cake. Lee told her not to give her a lot cause of the child.

Tenten- One last bite!! C'mon!
Lee- Neji told me not to.
Tenten- C'mon. My husband is not here! What to worry! He won't find out!

Lee- No!
Tenten- Fine then.I'll call him and tell him that your not taking care of me.

She grabbed the phone but Lee stopped her.
His face was all crazy.

Lee- Don't! Alright! One last bite of the cake. No more!

Tenten- Awesome!

She was going to take a bite but then something happen. She froze.

Lee- Yo. Tenten...
Tenten- Lee!!
Lee- What?!
Tenten- Get me to the hospital already!!
Lee- Sweet Potatoe Pie!!

Tenten- Aw! damn it lee!! Now!!!!

Tenten yelled and scream of pain. Lee grabbed hte phone leavinga message to Neji.
He did. After that he went out and yelled out for Hinata. He didn't know what to do, he was crazy like hell.

Tenten- Lee!!!!!

She yelled louder.

Lee- Don't worry!
Hinata- Yes Lee?
Lee- Tenten is in labor!
Hinata- Oi! Tenten-chan! Honey! Calm Down.

Lee- We have to take her to the hospital.
Hinata-Calm down...

Lee- Tenten...are you alright?

Tenten didn't say a word. Then...

Tenten- Mother F***er!!! Take me to the hospital already!!

Hina- Hurry! Carry her to the car!!!
Lee- What car?
Hina-Neji's Car!!

Lee- Oh! C'mon Hinata.

He carried Tenten. She was yelling and yelling even so in the car.

Hina- Breathe Tenten. Breathe.
She breathed. In and out.

Tenten- okay...Ow!!!Damn baby!

Hina- Drive Faster!!
Lee- Got it!

He drived faster to the hospital. He got there as quickly as he can.

Few minutes they got there.
Hina went to registrait.


Tenten- Nooow!!!!!

Tenten yelled while grabbing the callor of the the man.

"Alright. Room 5."
the man said.

Hina- Room 5! Got that Lee?
Lee- Yes!

Tenten- omg!!! This is soo mucnh pain!!!

There was Sakura. Checking on Tenten if everything is ready.

Tenten-unh!!!! Where's- Where's Neji???

Lee- I dunno!
Lee's phone made a ring. It was Neji.

Lee- oh! Neji!

Tenten- Neji!
Lee- Yeah. um... Hey Neji.


She yelled at the phone. It hurted Neji's Ears.

Neji-aah....Tenten. Honey! Don't worry. I'll be there in 2 or 1 hour.

Tenten- NOW!!!
Neji- I'm sorry. If i had my car I've wouldn't get there faster. I'm in the Cloud Village. It's far away from there.

Tenten- You don't want to see your child?
She sounded like she was starting to sob.

Neji- Tenten. No. I do. If I had my car I would've gotten there faster. Honey, please forgive me.

Tenten- Fine. If you don't come here at midnight i will not forgive you.

Neji- I'll be there. I promise.

Tenten- okay- oooooooow!!!

Neji- Please be okay honey. I love you so munch.
Neji- Bye Honey.
Tenten- Bye.

She hung up and gave the phone to Lee.
Lee- Everything okay?
Tenten- Neji will arrive later.

Tenten- it's alright...he'll be there.

Hina was waiting in the waiting room. Telling everyone to come. Naruto arrived when she was going to call him. He hugged her and wrapped an arm around her.

And 10 minutes later. Everyone came. They were waiting.
Tenten was waiting for a few more minutes to give birth.

Guy Sensei came in and saw Tenten.

Guy- Tenten! My Best Kunochi!! How are ya?

Tenten- Good.I'm just...
Guy- I see. The pain will go away. Hahaha.

He patted on Tenten's stomach.

Tenten- ow! Don't do that!

Sakura put on her gloves. She checked on Tenten again.She was ready.

Sakura- Okay Tenten. On a count of 3 you push.

Tenten- I know. I've seen it many times with ladies like this. ouch!!

Sakura- Okay. haha. Now. 1...2...3... Go!

Tenten pushed and pushed.

The Pain was more harder and harder.
She grabbed on Lee's Hand. She crushed it so hard.

Lee- ooow.

Guy- Let me see how tough it is.
He grabbed on to Tenten's hand. Even so, she was gripping soo hard.

50 minutes. Tenten was still pushing.

Neji was almost to the hospital. She wished he was already in the hospital with her.

Sakura- Almost...C'mon...

Tenten- eeeeeergh!!!

She yelled.

Guy sensei was still grabbing on her hand. He was crying cause of pain.

5 minutes Neji was still not there.

20 minutes. He was still not there.

3 hours. He was still not there.
4 hours. He was still not there.

And 20 more minutes. Tenten was done on giving birth. The Baby Came out. It was a Boy.


Tenten didn't felt right at that moment. Her body wasn't feeling so well. Her eyes were half open.

Lee looked at her. He has a bad feeling.

Then her Heart Beat was going low.
Lee looked at her again. He patted on her.
She wasn't awaking.

Everyone came in to see Tenten and her born baby.

They all cheered, but when they saw Lee. He started to cry.

She's going to die.

Lee- Tenten please. No. Tenten please...don't go...

Sakura came to take a look at her. Her heart beat was on a line.

Sakura took a look at everyone.

Sakura- What is Neji going to do?

Lee- Tenten!!

Everyone was looking down.
Tenten was just about to become a mother.

Soon Neji came. He open the door.

Neji-Tenten! I'm here.

Everyone looked at him. He was suspicious. Why is Lee Crying? Why is everything so quiet?

Guy sensei and Lee moved, so Neji can see his wife dead.

Neji ran to here. He wrapped an arm around her. Shaking her so she can awake. But nothing.

Neji looked at her face. Tears formed in his eyes.

He cuddled to her and felt her soft hair.

Lee- Neji....We didn't know.
Neji cried and cried.

Hina looked at Naruto and then Neji.

Neji- Tenten. Please...don't go. I love you...Sakura! Please! Is there anything i can do to get her back?!

Sakura- Perhaps...there might...but if she really is dead then there is no right to bring back her alive.

Neji- I understand but-
Lee looked at her heart beat. It was going to back to normal.

Lee- Neji look!
He yelled.

Neji- Wha?

Ino- Wha??
Sakura- Hn?
Guy- Omg!

Neji- Ten...Tenten.....

He looked at her.

Tenten- Neji...your here already?
Neji- Your not dead!
She smiled at him.

Tenten- I'm a shinobi Neji...I have to be strong. God gave me another life cause...I have you and our son.

Neji kissied her.

Neji- I'm so proud of you. Your a true shinobi Tenten.

Tenten-Are you saying i wasn't?
Neji- No. You were-
Tenten- Sakura! Where's my child?

Sakura- Oh. Right...

Neji looked at his born son.

Sakura- Congradets Neji and Tenten.

Neji cuddled to Tenten. They cried of happiness.

Tenten- Neji...our son. It's so...precious.
Neji- It's just like you Tenten.
Tenten- oh Neji...hehe. It has your eyes.
Neji kissied her.

Everyone was getting closer to see Neji and Tenten's Baby. Hina grabbed the baby.

Hina-I'm a Aunt. Aww.

Hanabi- Me too!
Neji laughed.

They All get to see the new born Hyuga.

Sakura- What the name?

Tenten looked at Neji.

Tenten- Akihiko.
Neji was very proud.

He got his women and now his child.

The End.

How was that? ^^ :3