Chapter Two – The Evil returns

    Kristine’s parents worked in the castle, so she grew up with the princesses and prince. They were friends despite of the social difference. Since they were little girls, Kristine and her sister Anette decided they would help people. They became body guards of the royal family.
    Her focus on life was always her job, family and friends; she never had the time to silly love stuff.
    One day, she went on a vacation, but only because the ex-king, Polouse, obliged her to go. She went to So-Petre-Nill kingdom, a beautiful but also scary place; some people used to say You-know-which-L was hidden there, but Kristine believed it was just a myth and if not she was courageous enough to confront Laurra.
    It was there she first fell in love in her live. He was the most stunning man she had ever seen; he name was Dean Winchester. As he speaks she could not believe how lucky she was of just be there talking to him. Everything seemed perfect.
    The only thing that was bothering her was this feeling, a feeling of being watched. She tried to ignore it, however it wasn’t working, that was too strong. Dean made her company to her hotel. When they were saying goodbye he surprised her with a kiss. At the same time she felt in heaven and hell, something was wrong about that kiss, something or someone was not happy.
    She left a hopeful Dean waiting there. Kristine couldn’t say anything; she was preoccupied and confused about all the feelings in her heart. When she arrived in her room, she got afraid for the first time in her life. Standing there was Laurra, someone she could never imagine see.

~to be continued~


Polouse = Polly+Love+House
So-Petre-Nill = Supernatural+One tree Hill    

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