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The fans pick: #5 - Ontari beheads Children.
The fans pick: #9 - Lincoln is executed.
The fans pick: Mount Weather
The fans pick: I'm worried Octavia is going down a very dark path in S4
The fans pick: Agree
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SherlockStark said …
I thought this show was over-hyped, but I just finished season 1 and it is so good!! Posted 21 days ago
SherlockStark commented…
Ugh, and then it got bad. What is up with S3?? 17 days ago
sarabeara commented…
I like to pretend s3 never happened. It was the worst. S4 seems promising so far though! 11 days ago
gem2016 said …
i want finn to return to the 100 im devistated he has died they shouldnt have killed him off alot of them have killed grounders and got away for it he was in love with clarke love can drive u to do really bad things and i felt sorry for him. Posted 5 months ago
MariLena16 commented…
I so agree with you. I really liked Finn! 5 months ago
snipercity said …
Here the latest news sounds like there killing bellamy of in season 4 clexa fans are gonna love that Posted 5 months ago
sarabeara commented…
Receipts? What news sounds like they're killing off Bellamy?? I need details! 5 months ago
MariLena16 commented…
I really hope it's not true. It sounds to me more than false (or even wish to be true by some) rumor. Yes, i don't believe it. I mean Bellamy is not Lexa. Bellamy is a protagonist. Lexa was a guest mostly. 5 months ago