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The 39 clues Fan fiction Article

Sinead Starling and Hamilton Holt

Fan fiction by katniss2428 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Chapter 1

Sinead Starling walked into Westfield High's school Hall, only to see the person she least expected - and least wanted - to see. Hamilton Holt was standeing right by his locker, next to hers.
Sinead was new in Westfield High - she hadd only come to New York because her parents had a job there, and it was easier to take care of Ned and Ted, her 'disabled'brothers.
"Sinead, is that you?" came a voice from behind.
"Hamilton? Whaat are you doing here?"
"I study here."
"Oh.Anyways, um.... diid Amy call you? She said something about the Madriigals calling a meeting. She didn't call me yet, though."
"No, she didn't."
the bell rang they walked off to class, and when Sinead entered Social Studies, she had the worst lesson ever.
She had learned about the American Revolution, and then Mr. Trescott, the Social Studies teacher, started talking about bombs.
Suddenly, Mr. Trescott talked about the explosion in the Franklin Institute. "WHAT A TRAGEDY IT HAD BEEN,"he said.
Slowly, images and flashbacks appeared in her mind again. The unheard screams, the pain, Ned and Ted screaming...... she held on to her desk so hard that her fingers turned white.She brushed away the flashbacks and continued to pay attention.

After class, Mr. Trescott called up Sinead. She was shocked with awe that she had passed the test with flying colors. It was quite hard, even for an Ekat like her.
"Do you know that boy, Hamilton Holt?" Sinead nodded. "He is failing his Math and Social Studies. I hear he is also failing Science, or Chemistry.
"Would you care to tutor him after school? I talked to him already. He said it was okay if he had to."
Sinead was speechless. She was a new kid- and she was asked to tutor Hamilton Holt.
Not only was he a big, buff, buffoon-head, he was also the one who had caused the explosion in the Franklin Institute that Sinead and her brothers had survived in.
"Um.... okay, Mr Trescott. I guess its fine..."
"Alright. Thank you, Sinead. You've been a big help."
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What do you guys think?
posted over a year ago.
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Wow! I love it! Would you please check out mine, too? It's called "To Date A Vesper." I really want reviews. I really like your though!
posted over a year ago.
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posted over a year ago.