The 39 clues Secret Messages In Books (all)

popcorn_flavor posted on Jan 10, 2010 at 01:52AM
There are real secret messages in the books!!!

The First Book: You'll find some random numbers and spaces in the spaces where the numbers should be on pages 129-153 middle of the book. Anyway, the numbers are letters of the alphabet. I'll let you find the message.

Book 2: I don't know...I'm working on it!

Book 3: The throwing sword thingy at the beginning of the book, and I mean you open it to where the cards are, and you look at the sword thing. It has a letter, a dash, and then a symbol. Through pages 39-67 there are symbols, and I think you can figure this out now. Decode. Ex: A-(square)

Book 4: There's a tablet in the beginning of the book, and just like the 3rd book, decode. Don't worry, you don't have to guess too much...but if you get stuck, the message is: Alistair was there the night they died.

Book 5: I don't know...I'm working on it!

Book 6: In the beginning of the book there's a list of numbers. Go the pages. Look at the words right above the number pages. Usually they say: "The 39 Clues" or "In Too Deep", but they will say something different. In order, they will make sense.

More book messages will be coming soon!

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over a year ago popcorn_flavor said…
Hey I forgot! My card Code is: P297G747XP

Please add me...I'm an Ekaterina, but I don't have any rivalries...yet.XP
over a year ago VickieGammill said…
The code in Book One is a simple substitution code where 1=A, 2=B, 3=C and so on. The code is where the page numbers should be --- starting after page 128. The code given is:
1-14-14-5 3-1-8-9-12-12 4-9-4 14-15-20 4-18-15-23-14

My agent card is: P2K9RXXPXP

Books Two and Three are also simple substitution codes, although not the same substitution as in Book One.

Book Two is in letters and starts after page 82.

Book Three is in symbols and starts after page 38. (Hint: Look for similar symbols next to letters on one of the shurikens.)

I haven't bought Book Four yet... I'm going to the bookstore tomorrow!!!
over a year ago VickieGammill said…
Book Two's code is: K-N-N-J S-N H-M-C-H-Z

A=B, B=C, C=D

It decodes to: LOOK TO INDIA

My agent card is: P2K9RXXPXP

Please add it. Thanks!
over a year ago Christyrox said…
My card code is: P29HKFCWXP

I'm very sorry ot hear that you didn't receive any replies for a time. Anyways, do you have a used code for bok 6 cards? Just post it for the question: Can anyone give me a used code for book 6: In Too Deep cards?
over a year ago popcorn_flavor said…
big smile
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for replying!

Come again!
over a year ago popcorn_flavor said…
Sorry. No, I don't have any unused card codes for Book 6. But I know that you can get universal card codes online. I have 61 agent cards and rising every day. But only 9 people have my card. Please Add:

over a year ago amieljohn said…
Hi, I'm totally new here in fanpop so I'm kinda shy.

I actually find out the secret message in Book 5: The Black Circle.


I found out the message using the Card included in the book which is Card No. 94 Secret: Anastasia. I looked at the Russian Translation at the back of the card and used it as a reference in finding the message in the pages of the book.

I don't know who Olivia is and I'm not sure about the message. I hope this will help you guys!

My Agent Card: P2JR9CTWXP

Thanks Everyone!
over a year ago kjcahill said…
somwon as replide! go0sh pppffft u guys r wierd (i mean popcorn_flaver:9 )
over a year ago Christyrox said…
Olivia is the mother of Jane, Luke, Thomas and Katherine Cahill. It probably means that Oliva Cahill had another child but she is illegitimate. I know that it's a she as in another part of the book, it says: "Remember Madeleine". (I got this from Wikipedia) Madeleine is said to be Grace Cahill's name but it could also be the founder of the Madrigal's name. I mean, that makes Madrigals Cahills too, since their ancestor is also Olivia Cahill.
over a year ago popcorn_flavor said…
So many replies! I feel famous. Thank you all for replying and thank you amieljohn for telling me the code in book 5. Though I'm grounded and can't read, buy or do anything related to books, I'm always glad to find out information from people who can.

over a year ago qmzpvtal said…
Hey!Not a single person has answerd any of my questons!What am I?An ant!
over a year ago Mace1245 said…
I found 2. Book 6 code is "Find The Other Ekaterina Scientist Who Came Close." Book 1 code is " Anne Cahill did not drown" or something like that. I am trying to find out more.
over a year ago flactem said…
book 7 codes are "MADRIGAL LEADER=GRACE" and "There is a Madrigal watcher" I got the 1st by looking at the letters on the spear in the front and back of the book. the 1st letter is on the 1st page the 2nd on the last page and so on. the 2nd is the same code in the card pack #2 booklet.
Recap of codes: Book 1 "Anne Cahill did not drown", Book 2 "Look to India", Book 3 "This competition is about Hope", Book 4 "Alistair was there the night they died", Book 5 "Olivia had another", Book 6 "Find the other Ekaterina scientist who came too close", and Book 7 "MADRIGAL LEADER =GRACE" and "There is a Madrigal watcher"
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over a year ago XxSANTIAGOxX said…
how did u figure out code 5 6 the eighth book is because its there henry gm
over a year ago eraw said…
i'm flactem here are the book 8 codes are 1"Tenzing knew too", 2"Madrigals are behind everything", 3"They lay out the path others walk", 4"The end is coming", 5"Henry", 6"GM", 7"Because it's there"
I got the first by opening the book and i saw the symbols and g e t n o k w i or z under each symbol then solved it then i got that #'s 2-4 are the circled letters in the book start new one every capitolthere are circled periods too 5-7 book cover
Recapof book codes: Book 1 "Anne Cahill did not drown", Book 2 "Look to India", Book 3 "This competition is about Hope", Book 4 "Alistair was there the night they died", Book 5 "Olivia had another", Book 6 "Find the other Ekaterina scientist who came too close", and Book 7 "MADRIGAL LEADER =GRACE" and "There is a Madrigal watcher" Book 8 "Tenzing knew too", "Madrigals are behind everything", "They lay out the path others walk", "The end is coming", "Henry", "GM", and "Because it's there"
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over a year ago Saturnvaga-M said…
GM stands for Grae Madrigal???
over a year ago tylivmom said…
big smile
Book 5 I used an translator from Russian to English took awhile to find the right one but the translation was......"Olivia Had Another"
over a year ago Iamsdog1 said…
OMG...Grace is a Madrigal!!!!!!...wait if grace is a madrigal...then so are Amy and Dan...Duh,duh duuuuuuuuuuuuuh.
over a year ago Iamsdog1 said…
i found a secret in book 5. Open the cover and the Eagle is holding a place covered in russian writing. I think it says remember madeleene or madeline.
over a year ago briannawashere said…
(to Saturnvaga-M)acctually, GM stands for "George Mallory". duhh
over a year ago lucian123 said…
GM are acually the initials of the man who Puyi told to hide a clue.
over a year ago lucian123 said…
Oops, briannawashere already said that.
over a year ago legodawg0088 said…
Hey just here to clerify some things since i just read the ninth book madiline is olivias doughter and the founder of thee madrigal branch and in the ninth book to find the secret massage look at the first few pages and youl see the key. the code is the page numbers again and it translates to they didnt tell them everything and on the back if you open it it will give a web address on the sail of the ship the address is truth it will give you a few pages of the tenth and final book oh and the madrigal watcher that a few people mentioned is the man in black. hope i could help you understand some things
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over a year ago Lucianleader01 said…
Olivia is the mother of all the branch founders: Luke(Lucian), Katherine (Ekaterina), Jane (Janus), Thomas(Tomas),and Madeleine (Madrigals) and the other she had is Madeleine because she had her the night of the fire and no one else knew because they already left.
over a year ago debdan said…
Anyone has the answer to book 9 yet?