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The fans pick: I wasn't born yet
i wasnt thought of yet
The fans pick: Herman's Hermits!
The fans pick: Janis Joplin
The fans pick: Planet of the Apes (1968)
The fans pick: Goldie Hawn
dont know who they are
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5 fans answered this question
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doubletrouble7 said …
hi i'm tori from omaha how are you doing today?
i love the 60's especially the british and beatles.
and herman hermit's with peter noone.
is he still alive?
just asking you know me i love the hairstyles and the fashion from the 60's Posted 1 month ago
ChinooksRock83 said …
I'm a big fan of 60's music. I'll listen to music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. 2000's is my limit. Posted over a year ago
LeoRising commented…
Same here! BIG fan of the 60s, and I've flirted with the 21st century and decided to visit it occasionally, but remain in the 20th. ;) over a year ago
MLPFIMFan765 said …
I. LOVE. THE. 60'S!!!!!!!!!! You dont know how much I do! I love the beach boys,the monkees.the surpremes,the buckinghams,the temtations,the association,and a lot more!! Especially the monkees!! Posted over a year ago
monkeemania commented…
Hello! I love the monkees to!!!! (as you can see from my profile name and pic) does anyone else like the monkees??????? over a year ago