I have a lot of time on my hands and I already made this same article for my link, so this was clearly the next logical choice.

Honorable Mentions:
Law & Order, Dilbert, Hey Arnold!

3rd Rock From the Sun

Yep, so who didn't grow up with the Solomons?! And who didn't have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt?! And who doesn't laugh out loud at every episode?! I'm the only one? Well...last I checked it was on Netflix so feel free to enjoy my childhood.

Diagnosis Murder

Unless you're a Van Dyke or Hallmark Channel fanatic, you probably don't even know this show exists. But it does. It's not the best, unless you're really into the close-knit murder mystery of the week kind of shows which obviously I am.


Also again, not the best show but I remember it so very fondly from my childhood. It has its funny moments, but overall I love it because of the characters, the setting, the nostalgia I feel when the link start to play.


Back when MTV was still actually a relatively decent channel and back when I could feel like a rebel for watching this ~adult~ cartoon even though my parents didn't care what I watched, there was Daria. Daria, who is quite possibly the most link character there ever was. And also I found Trent kinda sorta hot when I was a child.


I've recently begun The Simpsons and while it has 28 seasons, I think I will always feel Futurama is superior. So many quotable lines, memorable characters and that Jurassic Bark episode...never has an animated show been able to grab my heart strings and yank with all their might as has this one. The character development for said animated show is excellent as well.

This is where it gets difficult...

Will & Grace
1998-2006, 2017

Truth be told, I somehow feel guilty for putting this at five. Like I don't love it. I feel like it should be higher, but for the life of me I couldn't rank the next four any lower. And that says a lot because out of every live action sitcom I have ever watched any episode of, let alone multiple seasons this and my number one are the only ones to make me laugh so hard I cry. Karen Walker is quite possibly the funniest character ever, Will & Grace have a beautiful relationship that I oddly enough ship, and Jack is...just Jack! Aaaand link

South Park

It's vulgar, disgusting, gross and every other synonym in the book. Normally that means I'd hate it, but quite the contrary. I feel it's one of those things in pop culture that will always be relevant, and the political commentary is usually very non-partisan which is much appreciated these days. And lets not forget Butters, the greatest and most pure character of our time.

Home Movies

This is 100% about the characters for me. Brendon is one of my favorite characters ever and I love the relationships. They seem so real, and Brendon's relationship with his mom especially reminded me of mine with my mom. The conversations flow very easily and this is especially obvious in season one, much of which was ad-libbed by the actors.

King of the Hill

I tell you h'wat, this is a GOT DANG excellent show. It has always been a favorite of mine and always will be a favorite. Many years ago when I discovered this was on Netflix, I binge watched it like I invented the word. And then one day suddenly it wasn't there anymore. And I could only buy 6 seasons on DVD! What kind of madness?!?!?! I legit cried. And then I wrote my Congressman (that's a Hank Hill quote for those unfamiliar) and the rest of the seasons were released. I watch this every night. Every. Night. And I will never grow tired of it.


How can you not love Frasier?! How can you NOT?! We can't speak if you don't love this greatest television show of the decade (and 2nd greatest ever). It is one of the top Emmy nominated shows ever for a reason. Please enjoy this link.