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The Adventures Of Merlin Videos

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Merlin Cast Funny Moments

Arthur's Bane Part Two

More Merlin Musical Spoofs

Arthur's Bane Part One :D

Random Merlin Musical Spoofs

Merlin Magic Reveal

Merlin: "I was born with it."

Colin and Bradley's Quest

The Cast Of Merlin Horsing Around

Colin and Bradley Road Trip!

Embarrassing Bradley Moments!

Katie McGrath Gives Us A Tour Of Set!!!

Colin and Bradley Video Diaries

Colin and Bradley 'Hey Soul Sister'

Merlin The Tears Of Uther Pendragon Part 2

Merlin The Tears Of Uther Pendragon

Merlin Le Morte D'Arthur

Merlin A Servant Of Two Masters

Merlin The Gates Of Avalon

Merlin Season 4 Blooper Reel

Merlin The Once And Future Queen

Merlin Goblin's Gold

Merlin The Coming Of Arthur

Merlin A Herald Of A New Age

Merlin The Hunter's Heart

Merlin Excalibur

Merlin The Moment Of Truth

Merlin The Wicked Day

Merlin The Darkest Hour

Merlin The Crystal Cave

Merlin Gwaine

Merlin The Fires Of Idirsholes

Merlin The Ladyrinth of Gedref

Merlin The Beauty And The Beast

Merlin The Begining Of The End

Merlin The Witchs Quickening

Merlin The Sorcerers Shadow

Merlin The Nightmare Begins

Merlin The Last Dragonlord

Merlin Sweet Dreams

Merlin Aithusa

Merlin His Father's Son

Merlin Love In The Time Of Dragons

Merlin The Witchfinder

Merlin The Eye Of The Phoenix

Merlin Queen Of Hearts

Merlin The Changeling

Merlin The Curse Of Cornelius Sigan

Merlin Valient

Merlin To Kill The King

Merlin A Remedy To Cure All Ills

Merlin The Mark Of Nimueh

Merlin The Secret Sharer

Merlin The Poisoned Chalice

Merlin The Sword In The Stone Part 2

Merlin The Sword In The Stone Part 1

Merlin and Arthur singing Your The Voice

Colin Morgan's First Stunt

Merlin [S1-E1] [Part 1/5]

Merlin- Funny Moments Video Part 1/3 (All Of The Cast)

Merlin Series 2 & 3 | Blooper Reel