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"Darwin where is my game?" "Under my fish bowl," said Darwin getting his lunch. Gumball got his game when he saw Penny walking through the door. "Hey Gumball," said Penny. Gumball got surprised and his eyes are now HEARTS. "Hey Penny, what are you doing here?" "I was looking for you," answered Penny. "Uh... why? I was about t-" Before Gumball could finish his sentence, Penny kissed him. AUTHORS NOTE: Awww! So cute! "Gumball! Penny! Darwin! Me and Richard are going to the store!" said Nicole. "Aww!" said Gumball, Penny, and Darwin. "So Penny, wanna play games?" questioned Gumball. "Sure Gumball," replied Penny going down the stairs. OUT OF SPACE =( ~TO BE CONTINUED~