Passion Fruit is seen skipping along the counter, coming up to Orange, who is sitting on a bench and reading a newspaper.

Passion: Been thinkin' for a while and there's something I gotta tell you.
Orange: Sorry Pass, I can't talk right now.
Passion: Been thinkin' that our love for each other has grown so very strong.
Orange: Love? Wait...
Passion: It's plain to see we're building our worlds together.
Orange: Uhh, back up for a minute.
Passion: I'm looking in your eyes right now and I can tell you feel the same.
Orange: Get off of me!

Tackling Orange, Passion ends up knocking herself and him off the counter, landing in a bucket full of water. Inside, they are surrounded by some fish forming a heart.

Chorus: We are in love.

Passion: I am so in love today.
Chorus: We are in love.

Jumping out of the bucket, Orange drank some ZOOM! and ran as fast as he could to one of the cabinets above, isolating himself.

Orange: I think I'm gonna run away.
Chorus: We are in love.

Orange: [picks up a smartphone] Did you tap my phone lines?
Chorus: We are in love.

Back to Passion on the counter, she has a laptop, wearing headphones plugged in. On the laptop are some sound waves.

Passion: Yes, I tapped your phone lines.

Orange: I won't lie, you're a very pretty lady.
Passion: Thank you!

Then, Orange is seen driving a car (imagine it as whatever color you want). But suddenly, Passion lands on his windshield.

Orange: But you're crazy, crazy, crazy. [flying in a plane] You make me want to move to Mexico.
Passion: [riding a donkey and wearing a sombrero] Oh, I'll go with you!

Orange is now seen taking a bath in a bathtub. Behind the curtain, a silhouette walks up to him.

Orange: You know I'm thinking I should get a restraining order.
Passion: [opens the curtain, revealing herself to be the silhouette] Those are so hard to enforce.
Orange: Cause your car was parked on the counter table, every night this week!
Passion: Your friends are sweet!
Orange: [hiding behind Pear] You're the reason that I have to keep behind Pear.
Passion: I'll look behind that green pear!
Orange: I've installed an alarm system, with motion beam detectors. [presses a button, summoning several lasers]
Passion: [hangs down from a rope] I have the code. [presses a button, making the lasers disappear]

Chorus: We are in love.

Again, Orange ran as fast as possible to one of the cabinets with the aid of some ZOOM! and isolated himself inside.

Orange: Give me just five minutes.
Chorus: We are in love.
Passion: I think that was five minutes.

Back to the counter, Orange looked around the whole kitchen, seeing Passion- related furniture like "I Love You" posters, a couch and others.

Chorus: We are in love.
Orange: Did you just move in with me?
Chorus: We are in love.
Passion: Yes, I just moved in with you.

In the sky, Orange and Passion were on a flying unicorn, surrounded by Marshmallow cupids and hearts.

Chorus: We are in love.
Orange: [jumps out of the unicorn] No, we're NOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!! [lands on a bench seated by Passion]
Passion: That was our first love song!
Orange: Aw God.