Kokikio Musaka
"h-how?" I asked with mixed emotions, "he holds innocence that's how your uncle Cross gotta hold of him and trained him." I bet you anything the training was horrific "have you told him anything?" I said "no, we aren't allowed....at least I know I'm not" he said.
"Sora" my mother called, I was only 13,000 years old "your gonna be a big sister soon!" she said "really?!" I was thrilled "it's a little boy, we are gonna name him Allen, what do you think?" I smiled big "I love it!" 
-End Flashback-
Tears started forming in my eyes "I-i need to go..." I said "where is my room?" i said feeling queasy "follow Kanda, your room's two down to the right from his" said Uncle Froi "thanks" I said as I followed Kanda and found my room, "um, Kanda-San.....is there a place where I may eat something?" he looked at me coldly "go find it yourself" he said as he slammed his door in my face "such a...." I murmured as I started walking around "are ya lost?" said a girl sitting on the railing "U-um No I am not, I'm just looking around" the girl smiled, she had a interesting hair style, it was very short red hair with blonde highlight with two long strands that was right at her shoulders and bright magenta eyes "hm....Who are you?" she said, I automatically curtsied "I am Princess of the Sky Sora Marianna Atasunta it's a honor to meet you" I said "wow, your really formal, well I guess that's expected from a Princess! I'm Kokikio Musaka! Exorcist of the Black Order!" she said "it's nice to meet you Kokikio-San, I'm do you know were I may get some food? I am very....queasy" I said rubbing my stomach "Come on, I'll take you to the cafeteria!" she said grinning "a what?" she took my hand and dragged me to a open area with picnic tables "Well HELLO they pretty thing!" said a dark skinned man loudly "h-hello....." "YOUUUUU must be that new head of the order Sora!" I blushed slightly "h-hai....I am Sora" "well you may order ANYTHING you want!" I smiled "Anything?" he nodded "ok! I'll have....herb roasted fried chicken, a hamburger,two orders of fries, italian meatballs, five orders of corn dogs, three corn on the cob, seven orders of Unagi, two orders of crab filled pastries and one bowl of pickles! And for dessert I'll have one huge Sundae with sprinkles and fifth teen orders of mitrashi dango!" he looked at me shocked "a-are you sure your gonna eat all of that?" I nodded "you bet!" he looked at me again "are you related to Allen Walker?" I was wide eyed how could he find out "w-w-w-we-" thankfully he was distracted by Kanda yelling "t-thank you!" I said as I ran to the table where Kokikio sat "wow....you ordered ALOT!" she said shocked "y-yea..." she stared at me "so your the new head huh?" she said "yes....is that a problem?" she nodded no "it's just....I expected....a man.....ya know like the one before you" I laughed "well, sorry to disappoint you!" I said giggling "ah, my foods ready" I said as I got up to go get it "thank you" I said as It took me three trips to get all of it. After I ate I just walked around aimlessly, think about my brother, then I found this outside area and watched the sun set.
"what do you mean 'we must take him?!!'" screamed father "your son needs to be taken to earth!" the man said "no! No!" "it is your law to obey us! Now! Once the child is born we will take him, it is for the Sky's and Heavens sake" father looked at him In rage "Get Out" he said coldly as the man disappeared 
-End Flashback
'ugh get a grip Sora!' I shouted in my head 'I need to get some rest it's be a long day' I said as I headed to my room. 
Younger Me