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Article by izbia150 posted over a year ago
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Valentines Day Poems:

To Sora:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You may not be my Moirail
But I still love you <3

To Zukisaru:

When you go away to fight
I cannot take flight
Please stay here
Because I still love you, my dear <3

To Kallen:

When I met you
You became my sister
As well as my friend
Someone who I will always defend

To Akane:

You came late in the story
But I kept writing
Because through difficult story lines
For you, I will keep fighting

To Sayo:

You were from another kingdom
But you choose us instead
And what you brought
Made the meanies wish they fled <3

To Kyoko:

Through the Random RP
We were friends before sisters
And when you left
My thoughts were full of 'I miss her's
Fan fiction by tammav5 posted over a year ago
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in the small castle village of *partea there lived a young girl about 18. she had brown hair green eyes and a bold personality. she was the daughter of the village blacksmith and knew her way about a sword.she was- if you would- a small town knight.she was rather captivated by the thought of battle and honor when her father told visitors of his travles when he was young.though the girl had heard these stories repeatedly she never got tired of hearing them.the girls name....zuli
5 miles away from partea village was the castle.a marvelous spectral for most to behold.inside lived the royal family of polithia.queen rebeccan king jushtin and their daughter,the succesor of queen rebeccan, princess sora marian atsun.though young, the princess had great beauty and intelligence. she knew skills of protection in battle and stradgy .her hair was as long and beautiful much like her mothers.together the happy family lived there under protection from the royal millatary.

one day zuli,who was running an errand for her father came across a group of knights in white.instead of running to ask the sword-wielding men questions of knighthood, zuli glared at the knights. for these...
Fan fiction by Zexal-Power121 posted over a year ago
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brother julius and i walked to a park a while away from home.i was going to me my long lost brother today and i was very nervous.
"brother julius........" i said.
"i......i...dont think....i can go through with this...."
julius looked at me very coldly.i flinched and reteated but i wasnt fast enough to get away from julius when he grabbed my shoulders.
"you've been threating about this since you found out he was your older brother!! sayo im not letting you leave!!!" julius exclaimed.
"aghh..........y-your right.......c-can you please let me go now...?" i asked quietly.
julius,reluctent,let go of my shoulders and when he did i fummbled away from him.

another 20 minutes or so passed and i began to question myself.is he really comeing? did i get the day wrong?i dont know....
suddenly julius tapped my shoulder.he pointed to a man dressed in a black jacket with a yellow scarf.he had grey hair and blue eyes.
"that him?" julius asked.