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tammav5 posted on Feb 07, 2012 at 09:54PM
its an anime movie i watch when i can but its for bleach somethings you wont really understand unless you either pay attion or i explain them so ill explain somethings. its not on T.V so your probley gonna have to watch it on youtube i own it on dvd so yeah....anyways here are the things that need explanations.

zanpaku-to: a soul reapers sword
hollow: a monevilent soul that feeds on the liveing

i think that covers it i guess.....anyway hope you like it...

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over a year ago haremaster99 said…
The movie was great! I loved how it gave the viewer a new look on Shirou-nii (if you have seen the series of course) I rate it 4 stars ^_^
over a year ago tammav5 said…
^_^ thank you for that sora!! when i first saw it i started watching it when it was half-done.thats when i started watching bleach thats how toshiro got to be my bleach-boy i thought he was pretty......cute
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
XDD yep.....and that's how we met! Only thing is......don't tell Shirou-nii cause he's still pretty POed after that little fanfic XDDD