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The Bad Girls Club Who do u want to get their ass beat the most at the BGC11 Reunion?

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 Nick-Pavs33 posted over a year ago
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zanhar1 picked Sarah:
My gosh I just don't like her. She and Janelle. It's like Sarah thinks she so cute and what not, but she isn't. The fact that she's always got her bum hanging out isn't attractive at all. It's like really, all she's got going for her is her booty and even that isn't that great. She just can't of annoys me. *Family Guy voice* you're 43 accept it!

On top of that (after seeing the reunion) I hated how she talked about Gigi's vajayjay hair. It's like why would you even go there? That's nasty, stfu. And when she was in BGC Redemption and she called Rocky a man; that was rude for many reasons. One of which being that she's basically throwing the 'one of the lesbians is a man' stereotype out there and that just peeved me. She just took such low blows.

There's also the fact that she kept going at Gigi and going at her and expected her not to fight back. Like why would you lock someone in a phone booth? That said, I don't really care for her as I am a Gigi and Rocky fan so I just couldn't get on bored with her.

Oh and let's not neglect that she threw a water bottle at a Rocky fan! She threw shit at an audience member. Like, chill girl.

All of this in mind, I don't know the girl on a personal level and she hasn't done anything to me personally so I can't really hate her or make any true judgments. I don't really like what I've seen but I can't really form a solid judgment.
posted over a year ago.
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