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ktichenor said …
Hope this is okay to say but there's an article on the net that ranks the Beatles albums from worst to best. Personally I love all their albums, I can't think of a 'worse' album and I don't think this article is fair. Am I wrong to think this? Posted 3 days ago
ChiliPepperLuv commented…
No, you're not wrong. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I myself don't think there is a worst Beatles album. Every album I listened to was good. There are albums I love more than the others, but I don't dislike or hate any of them. 3 days ago
Rubyrings commented…
It's fair to say which Beatles albums you think are the best and maybe rank a top 5. But I agree, people can't say that any Beatles album is the worst! It just isn't possible for the Beatles to release something that deserves to be called that! And it's true, the rest of it is all a matter of opinion - everyone calls albums like Sergeant Pepper and Abbey Road the Beatles' best albums, but my favourites are the ones that are full of love songs. 3 days ago
ktichenor commented…
Thanks guys! Exactly what I was thinking :) 2 days ago
ChiliPepperLuv said …
Fifty years ago today, "Paperback Writer" was a hit. Posted 6 days ago
ktichenor commented…
Oh, that's my favorite! :) I listen to it whenever I get writer's block, really helps 5 days ago
ChiliPepperLuv commented…
That's one of my friends' favorite Beatles song. It's a really good song. 5 days ago
ktichenor said …
Happy Birthday Paul! Posted 7 days ago
ChiliPepperLuv commented…
I was just about to post this! Best wishes, Paul! 7 days ago
Peaceandlove67 commented…
And from me, too! 7 days ago
RocknRollSoul60 commented…
And also from me! 7 days ago
Rubyrings commented…
And me! Love you, Paul! 7 days ago