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Rubyrings said …
I found this image on Pinterest of a group of three female Beatles fans, all smiling and surrounded by Beatles memorabilia, a very nice picture for a Beatles fan to have... Only some idiot had to go and comment below the pictures that these girls didn't have a chance with any of the Beatles! Am I overreacting, or is that so rude and wrong? What right does this person have to tell us whether we're "good enough" for the Beatles or not?! Even if we aren't, why shatter our dreams like that? Posted 8 days ago
80smusiclover1 commented…
I know, right?! That bastard is just another jealous hater who doesn't care about the Beatles at all. He needs to sod off and leave us alone! 8 days ago
ktichenor commented…
He doesn't. He's just a hater that has to ruin everyone's fun and joy. But everybody knows that the Beatles have always been appreciative of their fans and that's all that matters. 8 days ago
80smusiclover1 commented…
That's for sure. 7 days ago
ktichenor said …
I read the Beatles have a pact. If something happens to one of them, they promise to send a sign to the others that they're okay and they'll see them again in heaven. How sweet is that? Just shows the Beatles are more than friends they're also family :) Posted 12 days ago
80smusiclover1 commented…
Aw! That is really sweet. The Beatles truly are brothers. 12 days ago
Rubyrings commented…
I think I'm going to cry now. That is so sweet.... 11 days ago
yorkshire_rose commented…
How lovely is that ? 11 days ago
Rubyrings said …
I thought I had found a channel on YouTube that has all the Beatles' recordings of songs they never officially released. It looked like this channel was all the songs from the Anthology, which I thought was an album of all the Beatles' unreleased songs, though I've never heard it. But all the comments on the videos were saying that it wasn't really the Beatles doing the songs! Are they wrong, or am I? Can't I find the Beatles' recordings of their unreleased songs anywhere? Posted 24 days ago
Rubyrings commented…
Maybe it just doesn't sound like the Beatles to them because these recordings weren't polished by George Martin in the studio. But how can I know for sure? 24 days ago