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The fans pick: John
The fans pick: while my guitar gently weeps
while my guitar gently weeps
happiness is a warm gun
The fans pick: 1
The fans pick: Brian Epstein
&# 34; The Long and Winding Road&# 34;
&# 34; Eleanor Rigby&# 34;
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80smusiclover1 said …
Another thing that makes the Beatles REALLY unique is that their music is timeless; it never gets old regardless of the decade now. It also has the ability to appeal to all age groups! Posted 17 hours ago
ktichenor commented…
Well said! :)) 17 hours ago
ChiliPepperLuv commented…
Yes, yes, yes! Actually, I should say yeah, yeah, yeah! 17 hours ago
80smusiclover1 said …
Tonight, I'm in a karaoke bar with my mother and aunt. Posted 21 hours ago
Peaceandlove67 commented…
Cool! Are you going to sing any Beatles songs? 21 hours ago
80smusiclover1 commented…
Oh yes, we did! In fact, we sang more Beatles songs than any other singer or band while we were there! :D 18 hours ago
Peaceandlove67 commented…
Sweet! 18 hours ago
80smusiclover1 commented…
Although singing is not my favorite hobby, I was encouraged by my mother who just offered me the microphone and we performed as a duet. After we left the karaoke bar, my mother told me that I sang really well and that I have a beautiful singing voice. 😊 17 hours ago
80smusiclover1 said …
I just wanna say a BIG thanks to all of you for being such great friends to me. I love you all very much! :) Posted 22 hours ago
ktichenor commented…
Right back at ya'! :) 21 hours ago
Rubyrings commented…
Aww, thanks. And to you, too! 18 hours ago