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The fans pick: The Bealtes of course!
The Bealtes of course!
The jonas brothers Duh!
The fans pick: Younger
The fans pick: Cute
The fans pick: Yeah. A LOT.
Yeah. A LOT.
Somewhat/ depends on my mood
The fans pick: With the Beatles
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Peaceandlove67 said …
I have "Polythene Pam" stuck in my head. I don't know why. I haven't listened to that song in a while. Posted 8 days ago
Rubyrings commented…
I find sometimes that the more you listen to a song, the less likely it is to get stuck in your head. 8 days ago
Peaceandlove67 commented…
I'm beginning to notice that, too. 7 days ago
Rubyrings commented…
I know. I wouldn't do that, no matter how much I didn't want one stuck in my head. 3 days ago
big smile
ktichenor said …
Just heard that Ringo is now a Great Grandfather! How cool is that!! Posted 1 month ago
Rubyrings commented…
Wow! Congratulations, Ringo! Is he the first Beatle to become one? I know he was the first Beatle to become a grandfather. 1 month ago
ChiliPepperLuv commented…
That's amazing! I told my mother, and she pretended to faint. 1 month ago
ktichenor commented…
Yeah, his granddaughter and her partner had a son! I was so excited for him! :D 1 month ago
ChiliPepperLuv said …
Today, I was singing "Hey Jude." When I was fourteen, I could hit every note. A year ago, I could hit all of the notes, except the really high note. Now I can't hit the last better. I'm sad now. Posted 1 month ago
Peaceandlove67 commented…
If it's any consolation, I never could hit the last better. 1 month ago
RetroRock64 commented…
I never could, either. 1 month ago
Rubyrings commented…
Don't be sad; if you keep practicing, the notes will come back to you. I really improved my own singing voice recently - I always used to sing off key. If I can do that, you can sing notes again that you could sing before. 1 month ago
ChiliPepperLuv commented…
Thanks. I'll try it. 1 month ago