A fiendish thingy!

~Basic Info:
Name: Caitlyn
Middle Name: louise
Last name of a Beatle you wish to Marry: Starkey
Birthday: July 1

Beatle: Ringo
Song: are you seriously gonna make me pick? D:
Album/Albums: Magical Mystery Tour,Beatles for sale,Rubber Soul,A Hard Day's Night
Period: Mop-tops
Accent: Ringo/George
Movie: A Hard Day's Night

You & The Beatles
Has your current favourite Beatle always been your fave?: Yes

Which song are you currently real into?: Right now I'm into Magical Mystery Tour

Do you think you know everything about the fab four?: Alot, could learn more!
~Have You Ever:
Made out with a Beatle picture? no...
Married a Beatle picture?: Nope
Told someone that your last name was a Beatle-name? : No. They wouldn't believe me!
Screamed out "I Love The Beatles!!!" In public? : Yup. I'll just scream it at the top of my lungs.
Told someone you were dating one of The Beatles? : nope.
Tried drugs because The Beatles did?: No!
Been inspired by The Beatles? : HECK YEAH!
Cried over The Beatle break up? : The long and winding road really softens me up.
Cried over John or George? : Didn't really cry but was kind of shooken.
Cried in public over the fab 4, or John or George? : Nope.
Asked God to bring either Ringo or Paul in your path one day? : Yup.
Asked God to bring John and George back from the dead? : Yes
Gotten in an argument with somebody because they got one of their Beatle facts wrong? : I'm like a Beatle-fact Nazi. no offense!
Thought about killing Mark David Chapman? : Yeah!I yelled it at school the other day.
Thought about killing Yoko Ono? : No.
Started screaming when a Beatle song came on the radio?:No, Just dancing, I shushed my mom when she talked over it.
Been asked about The Beatles, and you go in this deep life long story about everything you know about them? : Definitely. XD
~Check all that Apply:
[x] I love The Beatles (WOW, REALLY?)
[] I like Yoko Ono
[x] I believe the Beatle break up was not just caused by Yoko
[] I think Paul really died (Pft.)
[] I own a pair of Beatle Boots
[x] I have 3+ Beatle Books (YES!)
[x] There is no space on my walls due to The Beatles (Most definitely. :D)
[x] John is my favourite Beatle (<3)
[] Paul is my favourite Beatle
[x] Ringo is my favourite Beatle
[x] George is my favourite Beatle
[] I own all Beatle movies (Unfortunately, no. :()
[x] I have at least 2 Beatle shirts
[x] I've thought about the Beatles 24 hours straight (Everyday! :D)
[x] I dream about The Beatles each night
[x] I doodle Beatle lyrics on my school work
[x] I doodle Beatle related things on my school work
[x] Because of The Beatles, I am failing a class (Well, not failing, but y'know.)
[] You've listened to It's Only A Northern Song 100 times to understand what George is saying in the beginning
[x] You wish you lived in the 1960's ( yes.)
[] The Beatles converted you into a hippy. I was already a hippy, but they made me a bigger hippy!
[?] You think finding The Beatles is really like reaching Nirvana
[] You've seen every Beatle movie
Do You...
Own every Beatle movie? No.
Own Beatle Boots? No. :(
Own a Beatle wig? Nope
Have more than 3 posters in your room? Not posters. pictures.
Know a lot about The Beatles? YES.
Own a Beatle Blanket? Yuppers.
Own a Beatle record player? Nada. but i do have a record player!
Have Beatle pictures in your locker? yeah!
Celebrate Beatle Birthdays? OF COURSE!
Dream almost every night about The Four? Sure, I do. :D
Wish you lived in the 60's? YES!
Claim you are married to one of them? nope.
Own Beatle figures? No.
Have a pet with a Beatle related name? no, sadly...
This or That
Cynthia or Yoko? : Cynthia
Pattie or Olivia? : Olivia
Linda or Jane? : Linda
Maureen or Barbara? : Maureen
Beatle Boots or Beatle wigs? Wigs
George's accent or Paul's love-song voice? : George's accent
Ringo's rings or John's harmonica? : Ringo's rings
A Hard Days Night or Help!? : A Hard Day's Night
Revolver or Rubber Soul? : Rubber Soul
Blackbird or Here Comes The Sun? : Here Comes The Sun
George or John? : George
Paul or Ringo? : Ringo
Ringo or George? : Ringo
Paul or John? : John
John or Ringo? : Ringo
Paul or George? : George
George's bod or Paul's lips? : George's body.
John's wit or Ringo's cuteness? : Ringo's cuteness
John's nose or Ringos nose? : Ringo's nose duh!
Cellophane flowers or Poppys from a tray? Cellophane flowers
1962-1966 or 1967-1970? : 1962-1966
Let it be or Please Please Me?: Please Please Me
Random Beatle Questions
If you lived in the 60's and John Lennon walked up to you, what would you do?
It depends. I really have no clue.

If Paul McCartney proposed, would you accept?
Maybe, I dunno.

If you were sitting at home and Ringo Starr called you over for tea, would you go?

If you lived in the 60's and George Harrison asked you on a date, what would you do?
Accept. WOOO!

This song or that song?
Across the Universe or Old Brown Shoe? : Old brown shoe
Please Please Me or Love Me Do? : love me do
Taxman or While My Guitar Gently Weeps? : Taxman
Shes Leaving Home or When I'm Sixty-Four? : When I'm Sixty-Four
I Will or Here, There and Everywhere? : Here, There and Everywhere
If I Fell or I'll Be Back? : If I Fell
Let it Be or The Long and Winding Road? : Let it Be
For You Blue or Something? : Something.
Within You Without You or Love You To? : Within you without you
Honey Pie or Wild Honey Pie? : I don't prefer either of 'em.
Rocky Raccoon or Why Don't We Do it in the Road? : Rocky Raccoon
Julia or Hey Jude? : Hey Jude
In My Life or Blackbird? : In My Life
Yesterday or Eight Days A Week? : Eight days a week


People on Your Beatleness
Do people ever make fun of you because of your obsession?

Has someone envied you because of your obsession?

Do elderly people often ask 'You like The Beatles? I bet you don't know....'
Yes, and then I show 'em up with my knowledge! :D

Has someone ever told you that the Beatles suck? :
Yes... and I was in a foul mood for the rest of the day. I hit him everytime I saw him that week, and they were hard hits too.

Do people find you interesting due to your obsession?

Have people ever asked you to burn an album for them?

Have you ever converted someone onto the Beatles?
Oh yes...I'm a persuasive person.

Has someone ever told you 'Don't know that John/George is dead'?
Yes i get mad.

Have you ever gotten in a long ongoing conversation with an older person about The Beatles?
My grandpa! and he doesn't even like them!

Do you get upset when people make fun of them?

Has someone ever asked you 'aren't they all dead'?
I'll literally spaz out and threaten to kill that person

Do you try to rub off your Beatleness onto other people?
ohhhh yeah!

Do people often ask you about the fab four?

if you're a Beatles fan, do this! : D

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